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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 25, Number 1, 2000


arrow VASHISHTH (C.P) Editorial. 25,1;2000;i-iii
arrow GIRJA KUMAR. India in 2010: Knowledge, Society and Libraries in India . 25,1;2000;1-25    
arrow SINGH (SP). Internet and the Role of Libraries. 25,1;2000;26-37
arrow ASHARAF (Tariq). New Digital Paradigm: A Challenge to Librarianship. 25,1;2000;38-46
arrow SUMAN (Yogesh) & BANWARI LAL. Network and Internetwork Security: An Overview. 25,1;2000;47-58
arrow MUJOO-MUNSHI (USHA) Infrastructure for Information Processing and Dissemination Work.25,1;2000;59-69
arrow PRAKASH CHAND & SENGAR (Dharmendra Singh). Bibliometric Study of Solar Energy Research in India . 25,1;2000;70-84
arrow TADASAD (PG) & KALAMADRAGI VEERANNA (B). Newspaper Reading Habits of Post-Graduate Students: : A Case Study of Gulbarga University , Gulbarga . 25,1;2000;85-98
arrow SATIJA (MP). MORTIMER (MARY), Comp: Libraryspeak: A Glossary of Terms in Librarianship and Information Management. Ed. 3 Australia , Canberra : DocMatrix. Pty. Ltd, 2000. 25,1;2000;99-100
  SATIJA (MP). KEENAN (STELLA) and JOHNSTON (COLIN):Concise Dictonary of Library and Information Science. 1996. London . Ed. 2 Saur,2000. 25,1;2000;101-02

Volume 25, Number 2, 2000
arrow KRISHAN KUMAR & SINGH (SP). From Information Society to Knowledge Based Society. 25,2;2000;103-11
arrow RAJU (AAN). Prerequisites for LIS Teaching and Research in Telugu at the University Level. 25,2;2000;112-16
arrow RAHMAN (Mostafizur) & BINWAL (JC). Networking in Bangladesh . 25,2;2000;117-29
arrow KAUR (Amritpal). Resource Sharing and Networking of University Libraries in India : Role of Inflibnet. 25,2;2000;130-37    
arrow CHOWDHURY (Mohammad Fazlul Quader) & HANIF UDDIN (Mohammad). Resource Sharing and Networking among the Agricultural Libraries and Information Centres in Bangladesh and India . 25,2;2000;138-50    
arrow HANIF UDDIN (Mohammad). Agricultural Libraries in Mymensingh District ( Bangladesh ): A Survey. 25,2;2000;151-63    
arrow SINGH (Gurdev). Use of Newspaper Libraries by Journalists in Delhi : A Users Survey. 25,2;2000;164-72    
arrow DHARAM KUMAR. Knowledge, Research, Think Tanks and Role of Library Networks in India . 25,2;2000;173-83    
arrow DEVI (L Usha). Coverage of Sports Information among the Leading English and Kannada Dailies of Karnataka; A Comparative Study. 25,2;2000;184-97    
arrow KHARE (Suneeta J). New Dimensions of Preservation of Library Material. 25,2;2000;198-201    
arrow SATIJA (MP). ROSS ( HARVEY ). Organisation Knowledge in Australia : Principles and Policies in Libraries and Information Centres. Wagga Wagga, N.S.W.:Charles Sturt University-Reverina, Centre for Information Studies 1999. (Topics in Australian Library and Information Study) 25,2;2000;202-04    
arrow SATIJA (MP). VELTMAN (KIM H). Frontiers in Conceptual Navigation for Cultural Heritage. Toronto : Ontario Library Association 1999. 25,2;2000; 204-05