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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 19, Number 1, 1994


arrow SINGH (SP). Evaluation of Collection and Services Provided by IIT Libraries: User's Point of View. 19,1;1994;1-18
arrow DIXIT (RP). Status of Health Science Libraries : A Critical Review. 19,1;1994;19-45    
arrow SINGH (Dev Raj). Professional Activism among University Library Professionals : An Analysis. 19,1;1994;46-58
arrow RANI (V. Usha) & SEWA (Singh). User Education for Computerized Information Retrieval. 19,1;1994;59-69

Volume 19, Number 2, 1994
arrow JOSEPH (Varghese) & BINWAL (JC). Conjoint Analysis : Technique for Assessing Customer's Preferences on Library Products and Services.19,2;1994;75-85
arrow ASHARAF (Tariq) & SINGH (Dev Raj). Accessing Information : A Framework for Policy Making. 19,2;1994;86-92
arrow DIXIT (RP). Online Databases and Databanks of US National Library of Medicine. 19,2;1994;93-125
arrow MOHAMMED (Zakari). Networking Library and Information Service : The case of Nigerian University Library Systems. 19,2;1994;126-39    
arrow ABIFARIN ABIMBOLA. Information Seeking Behaviour of Agricultural Students in Selected Nigerian Universities. 19,2;1994;140-47