Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 2, Number 1, 1977


arrow Editorial. 2,1;June 1977;i-ii
arrow RAJAGOPALAN (TS). Present Status of National Information Infrastructure Development in India 2,1;1977;1-13    
arrow THIAGARAJAN (R). Framework for a Computer-Based Government Information System 2,1;1977;14-26
arrow BHATIA (BS). Defence Scientific Information & Documentation Centre-Functions and Activities. 2,1;1977;27-36
arrow DUTTA (S). Information Service for the Small Industry. 2,1;1977; 37-50    
arrow SARDANA (JL). Social Science Documentation in India . 2,1;1977; 51-68    
arrow BISWAS (Ahsan A). Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Centre-Functions and Activities. 2,1;1977; 69-73    
arrow DOO-HONG KIM. Korea Scientific and Technological Information Centre-Functions and Activities. 2,1;1977;74-82    
arrow NETHSINGHA (Clodagh). CISIR Library: Its Resources and Services. 2,1;1977; 83- 90    
arrow NATIS Programme Meeting held at DRTC Banglore (9-12 November 1976). 2,1;1977;91-97    
arrow KASHYAP (MM). WOJCIECHOWSKI (JERZY A). Ed. : Conceptual Basis of Knowledge ! Proceedings of the Ottawa Conference 1-5 October 1971. Munchen, Verlag Documentation 1974. 2,1;1977. P 98-103    
arrow NISSAT: Review of the Performance and Prospects-1977-85. 10,2;1985;191-216 321. SARDANA (JL). NEW (PETER G.) Reprography for librarians.1975 London :Clive Bingley. 2,1;1977;104-105    
arrow GIDWANI (NN). ALTBACH Phillip G Publishing in India : An analysis. 1975. Delhi : Oxford University Press 1975 2,1;1977106-108    
arrow SETHI (AR). Indian States Bibliography Comp. by Series Satya Prakash 1976. Gurgaon : Indian Documentation Service. 2,1;1977. 109-112    

Volume 2, Number 2, 1977

arrow GUPTA (RK). Classification of Scientific Knowledge. 2,2;1977; 113-18
arrow KRISHAN KUMAR & SARDANA (JS). Research at Doctoral Level in Library and Information Science in Indian Library Schools. 2,2;1977; 119-38    
arrow NAGARAJAN (S) & BOSE(H). Organisation of an Effective Information Transfer System 2,2; 1977; 139-50
arrow PHADNIS (SP) AHSAN (A. SHOAIB) & VIJAYALAKSHMI (NR). Training of Agricultural Scientists in Information use. 2,2;1977; 151-81
arrow SURENDAR MOHAN. Agricultural Information Systems and Services. 2,2;1977;182-201
arrow GUPTA (BM). Citation Analysis of Solar Energy Research in USSR . 2,2;1977; 202-19
arrow CHAYA DEVI (A). Organisation of Scientific Information Network in France . 2,2;1977; 220-39
arrow Indo-US Seminar on Information Science Education and User Education, DRTC Banglore, 18-22 July 1977. 2,2;1977;240-42    
arrow Seminar on LIS Education in India , Delhi , 3-8 October 1977 2,2;1977;243-48    
arrow IASLIC Symposium, Dharwar, 2-5 November 1977 2,2;1977;249-50    
arrow National Workshop on Documentation in Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi , 2-6 November 1977;2,2;1977;250-55    
arrow UNESCO Regional Seminar, New Delhi , 7-9 November 1977.2,21977;255-56    
arrow CHANDRASEKHAR (A). JONES KAREN SPARK and MARTIN KING Linguistics and Information Science. New York Academic Press.2,2;1977;257-62    
arrow VASHISHTH (CP). RADHAKRISHNA GOSWAMI Report of the Uttar Pradesh Public Libraries Committee (1972) Lucknow : Government of Uttar Pradesh. 2,2;1977;263-66    
arrow SARDANA (JL). SYED FAZAL-E-RAB JP Movement and the Emergence of Janta Party: A Select Bibliography. Vol 1. Pre-emergence Phase. 2,2;1977;267-68    
arrow GUHA (B). SRIVASTAVA (P) ANAND. Ranganathan: A Pattern Maker, A Syndetic Study of his Contribution2,2;1977;269-272