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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 5, Number 1, 1980


arrow MANGALA (PB). Library Education in Developing Countries: Pertinent Issues. 5,1;1980; 1-31
arrow BISWAS (SC). Changing Face of the British Council Library: A Case Study. 5,1;1980;32-42    
arrow KASHYAP (MM). Decision Table: A Tool of Systems Study. 5,1;1980;43-51
arrow DEVADASON (FJ). Proposal for a Common Exchange/Communication Format: Opinion Paper on Standardization of Machine Readable Bibliographic Record. 5,1;1980; 52-75
arrow SRIDHAR (MS). Mathematical Approach to Relations in Thesauri 5,1;1980;76-87    
arrow SETHI (AR). BRAHMA CHAUDHURI. Indian Book Review Digest Vol. 1, 1977. University of Alberta 5,1;1980;88-89    
arrow Seminar on Reference Sources on South Asia at Rajasthan University , Jaipur, 27-30 October 1980. 5,1;1980;90-93    

Volume 5, Number 2, 1980
arrow MANGALA (PB). Contents of Courses at the Post Graduate Level. 5,2;1980;95-120
arrow SARDANA (JL) & KRISHAN KUMAR. M.Phil. In Library and Information Science: Some Suggestions. 5,2;1980; 121-32    
arrow ANAND (AK). Continuing Library Education in the Nineteen Eighties. 5,2;1980;133-43
arrow MOHANTY (RP) & ROUT (RK). Operational Management of University Library System: Analyses of Referent Parameters. 5,2;1980;144-55
arrow DEVADASON (FJ). Data and Date Base Systems: Computers in Data Handling. 5,2;1980; 156-67