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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 35, Number 1, 2010

Editor: Dr.R K.Bhatt

Use of Internet and e-resources by the students of business management: A survey of P G students of business administration

Abstract: In recent years, Internet and e-resources have become most popular sources of information for the researchers, scholars, teachers. professionals and students. The present study was designed to find out the necessity and usage of Internet and e-resources by the students undertaking the Master's course in Business Administration, in Sambalpur University, Orissa, India. A structured questionnaire was monitored among 120 MBA students, out of which 91 (75.83%) responded to this survey. The present investigation gives an indication of the range of users of Internet and e-resources by MBA students. The investigation result shows that majority of the students (1/3 of them) have a long experience of using Internet for 2-4 years and all are more or less aware of the applications of Internet technology. More than half of the students surveyed in the study strongly feel that management study will be severly affected with out the use of Internet and e-resources.

Keywords:Internet; E-resources; Communication medium; Study and Research; Master in Business Administration (MBA); Sambalpur University; Orissa.

User education for students: A case study of university of Abuja (Abuja)
ADEBAYO A BELLO & GRACE S OLOWONEFA                                    P# 19

Abstract:This study examines the state of user education programme for fresh undergraduates of University of Abuja. A structured questionnaire was designed to seek for information from 600 students who served as the sample size. The findings from the respondents revealed significantly impact in terms of skills and attitudes in the use of library. However, time allocation, late admission of students, inadequate coordination and space have been identified as impediments to the programme. The need to allow the programme stand as a credit course was also emphasized.

Keywords:User education; undergraduates; academic libraries Information resources; dissemination of information.

Choosing the professional career: A survey of agricultural business management studies in university of agricultural science, Dharwad
LOKESHAPPA H & KESHAVA                                                          P# 29

Abstract:Choosing an appropriate career or a course of study reflects the individual's personality formation and his/her ambition in life. This is particularly important in a professional course like Agricultural Business Management (ABM). Looking into the bright future of the profession in the emerging information technology scenario, the present paper attempts to know the factors responsible for choosing Agricultural Business Management Studies as a future career.

Keywords:Agricultural Business Management Studies;University of Agricultural Science; Dharwad.

Ranking of Indian neuroscience research institutions for their research performance during 1999-2008
ADARSH BALA & B M GUPTA                                                         P# 37

Abstract:The present study undertakes the ranking of the Indian most productive institutions in neurosciences for their research output published during 1999-2008. The publications output of these productive institutions is judged on the basis of various quantitative indicators, such as the total number of raw papers and international collaborative papers and qualitative indicators, such as the average number of citations per paper and h-index value, and also in terms of a new composite indicator, which combines quantitative and qualitative aspects.

Keywords:Neurosciences, Institutions; India.
University libraries in India: Issues and challenges
R K BHATT                                                                                P# 51

Abstract: After independence the government of India took a lot of initiatives to develop a sound higher education system along with adequate library and information services/centres. This mission got further momentum with the advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as university libraries accepted this technology for performing various functions of the library with more efficient and accuracy. This paper deals with the current trends of university libraries in India and highlights major role they are playing in the ICT environment. Also advocates the skills that are needed by the library professionals to meet the challenges of modern librarianship.

Keywords:University libraries; university library role; skills of university librarians; users.

Digital library management: Issues and strategies
MANISH KUMAR & AMIT KUMAR                                                    P# 65 

This paper deals with management aspects of digital libraries, its problems, issues and strategies in the present scenario. It also examines the changing role of LIS professionals in acquiring, handling, dissemination and preservation of digital information in the ICT environment.

Keywords:Digital Library; Digital Library Management; Information and Communication Technology; Information Society.



Measuring the users satisfaction in using services of knowledge resource Centres of Indian Institute of Integrated Medicine, Jammu: A case study
NARESH KUMAR                                                                         P# 79

Abstract:Measuring the usr's satisfaction rate in using services of Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) is need of the hour. Every knowledge resource centre must constantly evaluate its fuctions and services. Evaluating through user perspective is very useful. A well structured questionnaire was distributed among 94 users to find out the satisfaction of users in using services of KRC such as gender-wise distribution of data, frequency of KRC visits, purpose of visiting KRC, time spent in KRC, extent use of KRC, information searching pattern, satisfaction of information provided, reasons for non-satisfaction and suggestions given by users.

Keywords:Literature Search; OPAC; Orientation Program; Knowledge Resources Centre Services; Trainees.




















Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 35, Number 2, 2010 

Editor: Dr.(Mrs.) Paramjeet K. Walia

Editorial                                                                                     iii


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ATUL BHATT                                                                              P#1 


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SHAILENDRA KUMAR AND GAREEMA SANAMAN                            P#13


School Libraries in Ludhiana                                             

YOGITA SHARMA                                                                       P#31


Nature of Library and Information Science Journal-

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PARAMJEET KAUR WALIA AND MANPREET KAUR                          P#47


Use of Electronic Resources Among Members of The-

Ratan Tata Library, University of Delhi:  A Study                   


LOKESH SHARMA AND MANJU TOMAR                                         P#57


Personality Traits of Library Professionals in Academic

Libraries of Lucknow : A Study                                                   SHILPI VERMA, K. L. MAHAWAR AND ARTI PANDEY                     P#67


Instructions for Authors                                                             P#81