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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 6, Number 1, 1981


arrow NAGAPPA (B) & MAHESWARAPPA (BS). Most Frequently Cited Journals by Indian Photopathologists. 6,1;1981; 1-17
arrow KHANNA (JK). Participative Management and its Effectiveness: A Study in University Libraries. 6,1;1981;18-28    
arrow KARARIA (Kamal). Microcomputer - Based Bibliographic Information Storage and Retrieval System. 6,1; 1981; 29-44
arrow ANAND (JK). Library Committees in Delhi University Colleges: A Survey Report 6,1; 1981; 45-59
arrow ONADIRAN (GT) & ONADIRAN (RW). Acquisition Procedures in University Libraries in Nigeria . 6,1;1981; 60-69    
arrow RANGARAJAN (KS) & BHATNAGAR (Poonam). Analysis of Media Choice for Publication of Research Papers in Mossbauer Effect Studies. 6,1; 1981;70-78    

Volume 6, Number 2, 1981
arrow SRIDHAR (MS). Prospects and Problems of Microforms in Libraries.6,2;1981;1-15
arrow MAHESWARAPPA (BS) & NAGAPPA (B). Dynamics of Scientific Communications: An Analysis of Contributions in Phytomorphology. 6,2; 1981;16-27    
arrow PANGANNAYA (NB) & KUMARASWAMY (S). Leisure: Subject Scatter, Journa Dispersion and Other Characteristics- A Citation Analysis. 6,2;1981; 28-72
arrow SUBBA RAO (CV) & MIDHA (Neelam). Intricacies in Ordering Periodicals- A Case Study. 6,2;1981;73-83
arrow RAJAGOPALAN (N). Computerized Book Acquisition. 6,2;1981;84-91    
arrow KAPOOR (AL) & TRIVEDI (NL). Under-Graduate Text-Book Libraries in Delhi University Library System- A Case Study. 6,2; 1981; 92-116