Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 4, Number 1 & 2, 1979


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arrow KRISHAN KUMAR & VYAS (SD). Classification Practice in Delhi University College Libraries. 4,1;1979; 41-76    
arrow VASHISHTH (CP). Sri Venkateshwara University Library: A Survey in Retrospect. 4,1; 1979; 77-93    
arrow REWADIKAR (Shalini). College Librarian and their Job Environment in Punjab, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh: A Comparative Study. 4,1;1979; 94-112    
arrow MANGALA (PB). Manpower Development for Information Handling.4,2;1979;113-26    
arrow BHATTACHARYYA (G). Development of Professional Manpower for Information Service: A Model. 4,2; 1979; 127-43    
arrow RANGARAJAN (KS) & GUPTA (BM). Analysis of the Choice of Journals for Publication by Indian Physicists. 4,2;1979; 144-63    
arrow KASHYAP (MM). Research Guidelines for the Master of Philosophy Students. 4,2; 1979; 164-89    
arrow JANAK RAJ & SACHDEVA (BR). Computerized Information Services. 4,2; 1979;190-206