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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 14, Number 1, 1989


arrow CHOWDHURY (GG) & MAHAPTRA (M). Application of the Theory of Relational Analysis in Information Retrieval. 14,1;1989;1-12
arrow SURIYA (M) KALAVATHI (MS). Impact of Library Collection on the Institutional Research. 14,1;1989; 13-24    
arrow ZHOU WENJUN SONG JIHONG & DING XUEDONG. College and University Libraries in People's Republic of China . 14,1;1989;25-30
arrow HELI MYLLYS. Information Systems Planning as a Tool of Developing Library work. The Case of Statistics Library. 14,1;1989;31-38
arrow LAHIRI (Ramansu). Human side of the Library: A Staffing- Pattern. 14,1;1989;39-51    
arrow IBOLYA BILLEDI. Status and Social Prestige of Library and Information Profession: An International Survey. 14,1;1989;66-74    
arrow International Agency Working Group on Establishment of an Information and Library Network Summary of the Report. 14,1;1989;75-82    

Volume 14, Number 2, 1989
arrow MANGLA (PB). Compilation of a relational thesaurus. Information Systems and Services in India : Trends and Prospects 14,2;1989;83-97
arrow DAVIS DONALD G, Jr. Status of Library History in India : A Report of an Informal Survey and a Selective Bibliographic Essay. 14,2;1989;98-114
arrow JAYARAMAN (R). Towards a Sociological Understanding of Hindu Personal Names and Surnames. 14,2;1989;115-27
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arrow SEWA SINGH & JASMER SINGH College Library Personnel in India : A Survey. 14,2;1989;145-56    
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