Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 3, Number 1, 1978


arrow MANGLA (PB). Concept of a National Library. 3,1;1978; 1-15
arrow HOOKWAY (HT). British Library. 3,1;1978; 16-22    
arrow KRISHAN KUMAR. National Library of Medicine ( USA ). 3,1;1978; 23-37
arrow RAMA TIRTH. National Agricultural Library. 3,1;1978; 38-54
arrow SYLVESTRE (Guy). Co-ordination, Co-operation and Rationalization: An Imperative 3,1;1978;55-62    
arrow HAVASI (Zoltan). Current and Future Goals of Development in the Hungarian National Library. 3,1;1978; 63-73    
arrow LE REIDER (Geoges). Ordinance of 19th November 1977 for the National Library , France Tr by L.N. Malik. 3,1;1978;74-78    
arrow MANGLA (PB). CLIVE BINGLEY New (PG). Education for Librarianship Decision in Organizing a System of Professional Education. London . 3,1;1978;79-81    
arrow SARDANA (JL). KRISHAN KUMAR. Reference Service. New Delhi . 3,1;1978;82-84    
arrow KESARWANI (SK). KUMAR (PSG). Indian Library Chronology. Delhi Metropolitan 3,1;1978;85-86    

Volume 3, Number 2, 1978
arrow LYNCH (Mike). Influence of the Computer on Professional Education for Librarian and Information Specialists in the United Kingdom . 3,2;1978;87-96
arrow GIRJA KUMAR. Theory of Contradiction, Conflict Resolution and Academic Libraries. 3,2; 1978; 97-117    
arrow SIKORSKY (NM). Main Trends in the Development of Soviet Library Science. 3,2; 1978; 118-30
arrow JAYARAJAN (P). Suggestion for a Relocation in the Schedule of "General Management" of Dewey Decimal Classification. 3,2;1978; 131-38
arrow KASHYAP (MM). Decision-Making for Library Managers and Systems Analysts: A Systematic Approach. 3,2;1978;139-55    
arrow RAGHAVAN (KS). Model for Decision Making Regarding Acquisition of Periodicals in Specialist Libraries. 3,2;1978; 156-71    
arrow MAHAPATRA (M). Survey of Articles Published in Indian Library Science Journals During 1971-1975. 3,2;1978; 172-79    
arrow JANAK RAJ & SACHDEVA (BR). Majox 121 Librarian Model: An Indian Electrostatic Copier. 3,2; 1978; 180-96