GUPTA (SR). Editorial, 27,2;2002;80


With the end of the Twentieth Millennium, the JLIS has successfully completed its life of publication of 25 years. I recall the time from 1992-1997, when in the process of Policy change, the Department restored back the Chairmanship of the Editorial Board ex officio to the Head of the Department and there was an open threat issued on the life of JLIS by those opposed to the delayed and its Volumes 21, 22 and 23 were withheld. At that time, a large amount of panic was spread in the minds of its subscribers and subscription agency. This crisis could end in the year 1998, when Prof. Krishan Kumar had taken over as Chairman of the Editorial Board and given top priority to it on his otherwise a very busy schedule of multiple responsibilities. He motivated his other colleagues, namely Prof. C.P. Vashishth, Dr. S.R. Gupta and Dr.(Mrs.) S.P. Singh to accept the challenge and clear off the arrears by successively publishing three volumes in a record time of six months. The environmental changes brought in by Prof. Krishan Kumar enabled the Journal to see its Silver Jubilee Volumes timely published in the year 2000.

This issue of Volume 26, is the first one to mark the beginning of the new Millennium. Through this Editorial, a large hearty acknowledgement and applause for the performance by a young man of 65 years. Prof. Krishan Kumar, are placed on the record, and a message is sent to the world that the Department is making its best strives and endeavour through revising old syllabi, by equipping it with a full fledged IT laboratory (for its faculty, researchers, and students at all levels), and by updating its precious library collection to suit to the needs of all those pursuing the study of basics and advances in the IT and its meaningful application in the practice of our professional skills and expertise.

Furthermore, adding some useful features, such as publication of information about research in progress and/or completed significant events taking place in the life of leading professionals, organizations and institutions, feed back views of the patrons, is envisaged in the near future. It has also been decided that the ‘Book Reviews' columns will be expanded and the books so reviewed will be deposited in the Library of the Department. Any success if innovations will, however, depend on the generous contributions by our patrons and well wishers. The students of LIS anywhere are being granted a privilege of getting the copies of JLIS at a special rate of 50% students discount on its annual subscription. This schools of LIS are being approached to promote and forward their students to get benefited from it.