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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 12, Number 1, 1987


arrow HASSO (Maysoon H) & OPPENHEIM (Charles). Secondary Services in Archaeology: An Evaluation. 12,1;1987;1-18
arrow ALAFIATAYO (Benjamin O). Students' Attitudes to Book Theft, Mutilation in a University Library 12,1;1987;19-37    
arrow MBWANA (SS). Role of Agricultural Information in Research and Training in Tanzania . 12,1;1987;38-45
arrow MUSIB (SK). Age of Literature Studies in Philosophy. 12,1,1987;46-52
arrow SURIYA (M) & KALAVATHI (MS). Productivity Measurement in Academic Libraries. 12,1;1987;53-65    
arrow LAHIRI (Ramansu) & PRADHAN (BB). Periodical Section of Manipur University Library (1973-87) Growth and Development. 12,1;1987;66-80    

Volume 12, Number 2, 1987
arrow COLLINS (Randall). Sociology as the Land of OZ. 12,2;1987;81-103
arrow BELL (Barbara). Progress, Problems and Prospects in Current National Bibliographies: Implementation of the ICNB Recommendations. 12,2,1987;104-27    
arrow LEWIS (PR). Future of the National Bibliography. 12,2;1987;128-35
arrow MAHESWARAPPA (BS) & MATHIAS (SA). Authorial Collaboration in Various Disciplines of the Physical Sciences in India : A Bibliometric Study. 12,2;1987;136-55
arrow HAYWOOD (Trevor J). Electronic Aristocracy: Some Causes for Concern. 12,2;1987;156-65    
arrow DALE (Sheil A) & SCHIPPERS (Guus). Back-up Resources for Distance Learning: Overview and Examples from the Dutch and British Open Universities . 12,2;1987; 166-75    
arrow SHARMA (NK). Space Applications Centre (SAC) Library (Ahmedabad). 12,2;1987; 176-88