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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 32, Number 1, 2007


KRISHAN KUMAR & SHARMA (Jaideep).E-learning: The Learner- Centered Education for LIS professionals. 32,1; 2007; 1-16

Abstract:LIS School need to strive hard for their successful existence for which they require to give serious thoughts and do necessary changes in their LIS curriculum especially incorporating adequate ICT components. ICT has made a big impact on teaching and learning, leading to a multi format learning environment. Keeping in view the impact, the present paper discusses the need for e-learning centered education for LIS professionals and throws light on some of the e-learning centered education models for LIS education.
arrow KANUNGO(Neena Talwar).Use of Libraries by the Researchers in History and Political Science in Delhi. 32,1; 2007; 17-30

Abstract:Social science research is inconceivable without library; 'library to social scientists is what laboratory is to scientists'. The crucial question here is whether libraries used by social scientists are well-equipped and offer adequate services. This paper, on the basis of a survey conducted among the researchers in History and Political Science in Delhi, explores how far the libraries in Delhi cater to the research needs of these researchers, primarily focusing on: a) frequency of use of libraries; b) use of libraries at different stages of research; c) adequacy of library collection; d) awareness of library services and their usage; and finally, e) respondents' suggestions with regard to library improvement.
arrow SINGH (Sewa ) & SINGH (Gurmez). College libraries in Punjab and Chandigarh: A Survey with Reference to ITApplication.32,1; 2007; 31-40
Abstract:A College library is an important integral part and carry out objectives of the institution to which it is attached. The present paper is an attempt to understand the present status of the College libraries in Punjab and Union Territory of Chandigarh with special reference to application of information technology. The scope of the study is restricted to the Colleges in Punjab and Union Territory of Chandigarh and are the part of the three universities namely Punjab University, Chandigarh, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar and Punjabi University, Patiala.
arrow VARALAKSHMI(R.S.R. ). Information Literacy Models: An Indian Perspective.32,1; 2007; 41-60
.Abstract:The effective implementation of information literacy programmes is possible with efficient models of information literacy. A variety of models are in vogue in USA, UK and other developed countries. However, the literature survey indicates that there is scarcity of such models in Indian Higher education environment. The suitability of western models is doubtful as computer literacy in such countries begins at elementary school in contract to undergraduate level in our country. Hence there is need to have suitable information models for higher education environment in India. This article makes an attempt to suggest three types of models of trainers, under graduates and post graduates and the necessary measures for their application.
arrow PROMILA. Enhanced Vocabulary Support for Cartographic Content in Electronic Environment: A Development Design.32,1; 2007; 61-72
.Abstract:The taxonomical structure of the Cartographic Content is drastically different from the conventional documentary ones. For the Cartographic Content bears the facts in scattered, factual, contextual and symbolic and spatial context, and is consequent upon the creation of an Information Retrieval Gap for the Information Seeker. Thus it becomes essential that Cartographic Content be supported through an appropriate and carefully developed Vocabulary Base in order to bridge such Information Retrieval Gap/s. But the process of developing such a Vocabulary Base is rather a complex process and requires inculcation of both the manual as well as automated labors. The Present Paper puts forth the Schematic Procedure for extending such a Vocabulary Base as a support for the Cartographic Content, both in printed and e- version, as are admissible in the present Electronic Environment.
arrow WALIA (V) & CHADHA (Chhaya ). Current Status of Health Science Libraries in Delhi: A Study.32,1; 2007; 73-84
.Abstract:This is an era of information explosion. To promote the use of information, libraries are the vital channels. Health science libraries (HSLs) and the librarians are working towards building up quality collection and improving techniques and methods used to handle a large variety of information sources generated in different forms and their proper storage, organization, retrieval and use. This paper discusses the findings of a survey, which was carried out to examine the prevailing situation pertaining to membership, physical facilities, budget, collection, manpower resources and information technology infrastructure in HSLs in Delhi. An attempt has been made to examine how far the HSLs in Delhi have been fulfilling their objectives of meeting the information needs of the users. The data in respect of six libraries has been collected through questionnaire method. The survey reveals that the information sources and services of majority of HSLs are inadequate due to financial constraints and lack of manpower. Some recommendations for the improvement of existing resources, facilities and services are made.
arrow Instructions for Author.32,1; 2007; 85-87    

Volume 32, Number 2, 2007
ASWATH(Lalitha). Social Book Marking: An Efficient Tool in Teaching and Learning.32,2; 2007; 89-96

Abstract: Knowledge is ubiquitous. Knowledge is for all and for sharing. Access to information is of vital importance in teaching and learning environment. Traditionally, library catalogues, bibliographies and indexes were used as major sources of information for identifying relevant sources of information. The internet era has offered a variety of technological tools to identify access and organize information to satisfy the knowledge quest of users. Over the past decade, several new organization tools have emerged. One such tool is social bookmarking. Social bookmarking helps to provide a platform to pool together the widely scattered information resources on the web. Being a product of Web 2.0, social bookmarking has all the ingredient essential to cater to the needs of patron 2.0. This paper provides a conceptual framework of social bookmarking and attempts to explore its great potentially as a resource discovery tool, particularly, in higher education.
ETUK (Mfon E ) & AFOLABI (M). Administrative Variables and Postgraduate Theses availability in Universities in South-South Zone of Nigeria .32,2; 2007; 97-108

Abstract:This study measured the relationship between administrative variables namely: planning, organizing, staffing, staff supervision, coordination, library policy formulation, and implementation, funding and physical facilities, and postgraduate theses availability in universities in south-south zone of Nizeria. A sample of 169 librarians and library officers and 44 postgraduate school administrators were randomly selected from five universities within the south-south zone Nizeria. The five universities were, University of Uyo, University of Calabar, University of Port Harcourt, University of Benin and Delta State University. Two survey instruments namely, Librarians and Library Officers’ Questionnaire (LALOQ) and an interview schedule for postgraduate school administrators, Theses Collection Attribute Descriptive Scale (TCADS) were developed for the study. The questionnaire comprised two parts designed to measure the relationship between the administrative variables and postgraduate theses availability in universities in south-south zone of Nizeria. It was scored on a one to four continuum ranging from one for “strongly disagree” to four for “strongly agree”. The  null hypothesis tested for statistical significance was planning, organizing, staffing, staff supervision, coordination, library policy formulation and implementation, funding and physical facilities are not significant predictors of postgraduate theses availability in universities in south-south zone of Nizeria. The hypothesis was presented first followed by data analysis procedures before testing the hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance using the Multiple Regression Analysis. The study found that: 1. Administrative variables selected for this study proved to be significant predictors of theses availability in universities in south-south zone of Nizeria. It was recommended that libraries should be well staffed since staffing is important predictors of theses availability. University library policies should be regularly reviewed too.
CHOUKSEY (Shiv Sindhu ). Library Web Page: A Web Study of Libraries of Indian Council of Social  Science Research Institutes.32,2; 2007; 109-120

Abstract:Library web page provide the facilities of dissemination of library information through the worldwide web, it can be used for the different purposes i.e. Web OPAC, Browsing online databases and journals, Browsing brochures of library, Consulting library catalogues, Browsing brochures of books, videos, CDs, etc, Reading newspapers, Deciding topics of research work and Participation on news groups/Browsing bulletin. Library web page is extremely helpful for the distance user or remote user to know all information and different on-line library resources. The main objectives of the study are to find out the different type of internet connections and services available in the libraries and to find out the status of the web page of the library available on the Internet. It is concluded from the study that 82 percent of the libraries have virtual library in form WWW Internet, 32 percent of the surveyed libraries have provides the information and services about Name of the library, timing of the library, services of the library and staff of the library on the web page.
SINDHE (P. A. ) & NGALE (R. N.). Evaluation of Library Services in University Library Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri, Maharashtra: Student Opinions .32,2; 2007; 121-134

Abstract:Tremendous changes have taken place in library services due to advent of Information Technology. Internet, CD Rom Databases, OPAC, On-line journals etc. are the modern techniques to search required information. These modern services are made available in University Library, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri, Maharashtra from the financial support of NATP, ICAR, New Delhi. In order to examine the reader’s opinion on various aspects such as awareness, usefulness, helpfulness of these services, satisfaction/dissatisfaction with their suggestions, this survey is conducted. From the analysis it is found that overall students are satisfied with these new services with suggestion to increase PCs, subscribe more journals, to expend computer based facilities The results found useful to the authority to improve further the library services better. The results itself justifies the need of more grants for sustainable development of library.
BHATT (R.K.) & BHARDWAJ (Rajesh Kumar). Application of Information and Communication Technology on Library and Information Resources and Services to Visually Challenged Users in Digital Environment.32,2; 2007; 135-154

Abstract:Discusses the issues of application of ICT for visually challenged users, present conditions of such libraries in India, literacy training programme for LIS professionals and users, the role of LIS organizations and professionals, collection development and standards for resource management, policy and strategies to develop hybrid library for  visually challenged users, legal aspects of equal rights to information access by these users in the scenario of library and information, use of adaptive technologies, networking of library resources and services, guidelines and basics of developing a digital library and its features to make more user friendly after understanding the appropriate approaches in respect of utilization of information technologies. 
Book Review. Public Library System in J & K State by Dr.Sangeeta Gupta & Dr. Gurdev Singh. Sonal Book Enterprises. Jammu, 2006. Hardbound. 227 Pages, ISBN: 81-11-039-2. Price Rs.495/- 32,2; 2007; 155-156
arrow Instructions for Author.32,2; 2007; 157-159