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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 11, Number 1, 1986


arrow DUBEY (Yogendra P). Artificial Intelligence Techniques: Prospects for their Application to Information Retrieval System Design. 11,1;1986;1-14
arrow DOSA (Marta L). Consultant as Information Intermediary 11,1;1986;15-37    
arrow MASSIL (SW). Place for Automation in Libraries in Developing Countries. 11,1;1986;38-44
arrow ONADIRAN (GT) ONADIRAN (RW). Nigerian University Library Services: Students Opinion. 11,1;1986; 45-60
arrow DESHMUKH (GR). Title Analysis of Soil Conservation Periodical Literature. 11,1;1986; 61-66    
arrow MAJUMDAR (S). Measuring Library Effectiveness with Particular Reference to Measuring Reference Service: A Literature Survey. 11,1;1986;67-76    
arrow YATES (B). Information Needs of Human Beings. 11,1;1986;77-90    

Volume 11, Number 2, 1986
arrow International Copyright System: The Berne Convention for the Protection of Library and Artistic Works: Basic Rules and Special Rules for Developing Countries. 11,2;1986;91-106
arrow CHENG (Goh Phai). Challenges of New Technologies and the Role of Copyright. 11,2;1986; 120-34
arrow FREITAS (D De). Impact of New Technologies (Reprography, Computer Use and Software Protection) on Copyright, 11,2;1986;135-57
arrow KOUTCHOUMOW (J-A). Role of the Book Publisher in the International Copyright System: Piracy of Literary Works. 11,2;1986;158-67    
arrow MALHOTRA (DN). Economics of Educational Book Publishing: Copyright Problems of Book Publishing in Developing Countries. 11,2;1986;168-78    
arrow STURMAN (J). Problems of Effective Copyright Implementation in the Developing Countries of Asia . 11,2;1986;179-91    
arrow MISRA (RA). Scope and Functions of the Copyright Board: The Indian Experience. 11,2;1986; 192-201    
arrow RAMAIAH (S). Development of Copyright Law and Practice in India . 11,2;1986 ;202-13    
arrow INTERNATIONAL BUREAU OF THE WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANISATION Basic Features of Recent Copyright Legislation and Copyright Administration in Developing Countries. Main Problem and Solution. 11,2;1986;107-19, 214-19