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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 17, Number 1, 1992


arrow KRISHAN KUMAR. Editorial 17,1;1992;i-ii
arrow GIRJA KUMAR. Indian Roots of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan's Thought. 17,1;1992;1-16    
arrow KAULA (PN). Remembering Ranganathan: His work in Delhi . 17,1;1992;17-32
arrow PARTHASARATHY (S). Ranganathan and Documentation in India . 17,1;1992;33-38
arrow FOSKETT (DJ). More on Personality Fact. 17,1;1992;39-44    
arrow CURRAS (Emilia). Ranganathan's Classification Theories Under the Systems Science Postulates. 17,1;1992;45-64    
arrow GOPINATH (MA). Science of Classification : Ranganathan's Contribution to Classification. 17,1;1992;66-70    
arrow KRISHAN KUMAR. Historical Roots of Ranganathan's Colon Classification (Edition I) 17,1;1992;71-81    
arrow BINWAL (JC). Modes of Formation of Subjects: A Model for Knowledge Representation. 17,1;1992; 82-88    
arrow SETHI (AR). Aesthetics in Ranganathan. 17,1;1992;89-101    
arrow VASHISHTH (CP). Advancement of Librarianship in India . 17,1;1992;102-15    

Volume 17, Number 2, 1992
arrow KRISHAN KUMAR. Distinctive Contribution of Ranganathan to Library Classification. 17,2;1992;116-27
arrow KASHYAP (MM). Library System Analysis and Design Technique. 17,2;1992;128-42
arrow GUPTA (SR). Institution of Chartered Librarian: A Conceptual Framework. 17,2;1992;143-57
arrow SINGH (Dev Raj). University Library Professionals : Some Sociological Aspects. 17,2;1992;158-81    
arrow REDDY (J.Yadagiri) & RAMAIAH (LS). Sources and Services in the Humanities: A Proposal for NHDC. 17,2;1992;182-90    
arrow MUJOO-MUNSHI (Usha). ROMs & WORMs : Optimal Solution for Archival Storage. 17,2;1992;191-97    
arrow KOCHHAR (VB), SUBBA RAO (A), ARORA (AM) & ELHENCE (D). Material Research in India : A quantitative analysis of publications output in scientific journals. 17,2; 1992;198-207    
arrow SETHI (AR). GUPTA (BM). Ed. Handbook of Libraries, Archives and Information Centresin India . Vol.11 and 12: Libraries, archives and Information technology; an annotated bibliography 1970-1990. 1991-92. Delhi Aditya Prakashan. 17,2;1992;208-212