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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 15, Number 1, 1990


arrow BERGDAHL (Birgitta). Advancement of Librarianship in the Third World : ALP-A Proposal for the Future. 15,1;1990;1-27
arrow SIITONEN (Leena). Mobile Library Services as a Functional Unit in Public Library Systems: The United States/Context. 15,1;1990;28-50    
arrow YOURKOV (SV). End Result of Library Activities as a Variable of All Round Analysis of Public Library Functioning. 15,1;1990;51-61
arrow FJALLBRANT (Nancy). Why User Education and How Can Information Technology Help? 15,1;1990;62-73
arrow ALFIATAYO (Benjamin O) & KADIRI (Jasilin A). Periodical Literature of Health Economics. 15,1;1990;74-86    
arrow ALI (FA). Library Service of Fiji . 15,1;1990;87-94    
arrow MANGLA (PB). Second Pacific Conference on New Information Technology for Library and Information Professionals Held at Glass Hotel , Singapore , May 29-31, 1989: A Report. 15,1;1990;95-97    
arrow VERMA (Jitendra). JAYASAWAL (P K) Librarianship and Bureaucratic Organisation: A Study of Library Profession in India . New Delhi : Concept 15,1;1990;98-99    

Volume 15, Number 2, 1990
arrow ANAND (JK). Journal of Library and Information Science 1976-89; An Analytical Study. 15,2;1990;101-28
arrow PATKAR (Vivek N). Generic Design Science Approach to Library Computerisation 15,2;1990; 129-37
arrow KEMPSON (Elaine E). Rural Community Information Services: Guidelines for Researching Need, Setting up Services and Evaluating Performance. 15,2;1990;138-52
arrow STENBERG (Christina). Literacy and the School Library : Librarians and Teachers Together Against Illiteracy. 15,2;1990;153-61    
arrow WOOLLS (Blanche). Literacy and School Libraries. 15,2;1990;162-69    
arrow SRINATH (Manorma). Organisational Climate of University Libraries in South India . 15,2;1990;170-78    
arrow IJARI (SR) & KANNAPPANAVAR (BU). Information Use Pattern of Indian Clinical Psychologists: A Citation Study. 15,2;1990;179-89