Senior Professor. Rakesh Kumar Bhatt - Head of the Department

 drbhattrk63@gmail.com; rkbhatt@libinfosci.du.ac.in 

+91 9968313330

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Area of Specialization: Marketing of Library and Information Science, Marketing Research, Academic Libraries, Cataloguing Theory & Practice.


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Prof. Paramjeet Kaur Walia
Professor. Paramjeet Kaur Walia

Area of Specialization: Management of Library and Information Centres, Information Systems & Programmes, Public Libraries, Library and Information Science Education.


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Professor. K P Singh



Area of Specialization: Library Classification (Practice), Information Storage & Retrieval System,Print & Electronic Sources, Information Processing & Organization.


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Prof. K P Singh
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Professor. Margam Madhusudhan

 madhumargam@gmail.com; mmadhusudhan@libinfosci.du.ac.in 


Area of Specialization: Library Automation and Networking, Designing and Evaluation of Websites, Research Methodology, Information Literacy, Mobile Technologies, App-based Library Services, Text Mining.


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Professor. Meera 



Area of Specialization: Scientometrics, Research Methodology, Inforamtion Scources and Services, Tools and Technologies in Library and Information Science.


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Dr Manish Kumar

Dr Manish Kumar, Associate Professor,   

kkmaniii@yahoo.co.in; kkmaniii2014@gmail.com


Area of Specialization: Library and Information Society, Print and Electronic Sources and Literature in Social Sciences, Research and Publication Ethics.


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Dr Pinki, Assistant Professor 

pinkisha30@gmail.com , pinki@libinfosci.du.ac.in


Area of Specialization: Information Sources and Services, Research and Technical Library and Information System, ICT Applications in LIS (Practice)


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