Medical & Hostel Facilities


Medical Facilities

The University provides limited medical services day students and complete medical services for resident students in the WUS Health Centre (North Campus), University of Delhi. Students have to become members of WUS Health Centre, University of Delhi (Please refer WUS Health Centre Website or download WUS Membership Form from DLIS -Useful Forms 

Hostel Accommodation

The University maintains six halls/hostels of residence for post-graduate students, viz., Jubilee-Hall, Gwyer Hall, University Hostel for Women, Meghdoot Hostel for Women, P.G. Men's Hostel, and Mansarovar Hostel Application for admission to the University Halls/Hostel should be made in anticipation of the admission, on the prescribed form obtainable from the respective Halls/Hostels. The Application should generally reach the Halls/Hostel before the academic session. However, the Halls/Hostel seats are limited, and the University does not guarantee that a seat will be available to a student applying for it. Because of this, the Department cannot entertain requests for reservation of accommodation in advance. An application must be submitted to the Hall's/Hostel's authorities through the Head, Department of Library and Information Science in the prescribed application form available from the Halls/Hostels. Candidates are also advised that they must be in Delhi on the opening day of the session.

Note: International students must contact the Foreign Students' Registry <website:>, University of Delhi, for hostel accommodation.