Syllabus: BLISc I Semester



UNIT – I: Role of Libraries
Library as a Social Institution
Development of Libraries in India
Role of Library and Information Centres in Modern Society
Five Laws of Library Science

UNIT – II: Types of Libraries, Professional Associations and Organizations
National Library of India: Concept, Functions and Services
Public Libraries, Academic Libraries and Special Libraries
Professional Associations: ILA, IASLIC, CILIP, ALA, Aslib, SLA
National and International Organizations: RRRLF, UNESCO and IFLA
Digital Libraries

UNIT – III: Library Legislation
Library Legislation: Need, Purpose, Objectives and Model Library Act
Library Legislation in India: Structure and Salient Features
Press and Registration Act
Delivery of Books (Public Libraries) Act

UNIT – IV: Information and Communication
Information: Characteristics, Nature, Value and Use of Information
Conceptual difference between Data, Information and Knowledge
Communication channels, models and barriers
National Knowledge Commission and Information Policy
Information Intermediaries

UNIT – V: Library and Information Profession
Professional Skills and Competencies
Professional Ethics
Role of Library and Information Professionals in the Digital Era

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