Syllabus: MLISc II Semester



UNIT – I: Public Libraries and their Development
Objectives and Functions
History and Development of Libraries with Special Reference to India
Role of Public Libraries in Society
Agencies and their Role in Promotion and Development of Public Libraries in India

UNIT – II: Collection Development and Management
Periodicals, Conference Literature, Grey Literature, and Government Publications
Non-Book Materials
Electronic Sources and Online Databases

UNIT – III: Library Organization and Administration
Organizational Structure
Staff Manual, Library Surveys, Statistics, and Standards, etc.

UNIT – IV: Information Services
CAS, SDI, Abstracting and Indexing Services
Library Bulletin, Newspaper Clipping Services
Computerized Services
Resource Sharing and Networking

UNIT – V: Financial and Human Resource Management
Determination of Finance, Sources of Finance
Types of Budget
Nature, Size, Selection, Recruitment, Qualification, and Training
Responsibilities and Duties
Competency Development

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