Syllabus: MLISc II Semester



UNIT – I: Fundamental Concepts
Concept, Characteristics, Objectives, Types, Operations, and Design
Compatibility of ISAR System
Information Retrieval Process and Search Strategy
Evaluation of ISAR System
Vocabulary Control Tools: Classification Schedules, Subject Heading Lists, and Thesaurus
Need, Structure, and Construction of Thesaurus
Principles and Evolution of Bibliographic Description

UNIT – II: Knowledge Management
Introduction to Indexing Systems
Introduction to Indexing in Corporate System
Introduction to Indexing in Research System

UNIT – III: Bibliographic Description
Rules for Bibliographic Description
Standards for Bibliographic Record Formats
Metadata Concept
Metadata Standards: Dublin Core, MARC 21, etc.

UNIT – IV: Search Techniques and Information Retrieval
Man and Machine Retrieval System
Search Strategies: Boolean Operations, Proximity Search, Heuristic Search,
Navigational Search, etc.
Internet Searching and Meta Search Engines
Data Mining, Data Harvesting and Semantic Web
Knowledge Management Retrieval

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