Syllabus: MLISc I Semester



UNIT – I: Fundamental Concepts
Needs, Objectives, and Philosophy
Marketing Environment: Producer, Consumer – Buyer Behaviour
Marketing Information System
Market Segmentation
Marketing Mix

UNIT – II: Strategies and Techniques
Strategic Planning
Marketing Research
Marketing Process

UNIT – III: Promotion of LIS Products and Services
LIS Products and Services as a Marketable Commodity
Pricing, Distribution Channels, and Communication Strategies
Advertising, Sales Promotion
Public Relations

UNIT –IV: Management Consultancy
Evolution, Need, and Objectives
Voluntary versus Authenticated Consultancy
Impact of Management Consultancy on Librarianship
Role of Library Associations and LIS Schools

UNIT – V: Information Analysis, Consolidation and Re-Packaging
Information Analysis and Consolidation: Concept, Need and Purpose
Packaging and Re-Packaging: Concept, Need, Purpose, and Criteria
Information Consolidation Products: Concept, Types, Design, and Development

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