Syllabus: MLISc I Semester



UNIT – I: Introduction to Research
Research: Concept, Need, and Purpose
Research Problem and Research Design
Literature Review
Hypothesis: Definition, Types, Sources, and Functions

UNIT –II: Types of Research Methods
Historical, Survey, and Experimental
Case Study
Scientific Research and Statistical Research, etc.

UNIT – III: Research Techniques
Research Techniques and Tools: Questionnaire, Interview, Observation, Schedule and Check-list, etc.
Library Records and Reports

UNIT – IV: Statistics and its Applications
Descriptive Statistics – Measures of Central Tendency: & Dispersion, Correlations and
linear regression, Chi-Square test, t-test, z-test, f-test.
Presentation of Data: Tabular, Graphic, Bar Diagram and Pie Chart, etc.
Report Writing
Statistical Packages – MS Excel, SPSS, and Web-based Statistical Analysis Tools, etc.

UNIT – V: Metric Studies and Style Manuals
Scientometrics, Infometrics, and Webometrics
Manual Structure, Style, Contents- ISI, MLA, APA, CHICAGO, etc.

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