Alma Mater Calling


My dear DLIS  Alumnus,

It is indeed nice of you to have clicked your department Website, eager to know more about us and the place where you spent your bright university years, so abounding with activity and so full of dreams, hopes and expectations.

Your successes and accomplishments on various fronts have made us, the faculty, proud. No doubt you have worked hard to achieve them through the development of your intellectual and mental abilities, the seeds of which were, to a certain extent, shown in the classroom, in the playground, and in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the academic community that you were so much a part of. I am sure you have nurtured the qualities that the Department of Library and Information Science has always encouraged you to develop for yourselves – the capacity for rigorous critical analysis, for mature independent thought, and tolerance of others' points of view, however different and of course, the zeal for excellence in Library and information field.

The Department of Library and Information Science has consistently provided quality education accessible and available to all. However, with financial support from the Central dwindling steadily, we are caught helplessly between burgeoning demand for access and an unwavering commitment to quality. We do not wish to compromise on either.

In this context, we have drawn up an ambitious plan for the Department of Library and Information Science and completed 76 glorious years in 2022, which I am sure, with generous financial support from its distinguished alumni, we will be able to realize. You are requested to enrol as a DLIS Alumni using the below web form.

Prof. R.K.Bhatt

Head of the Department

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