Courses Offered by Us - PhD


Objectives of the Course:

The Department offers Ph.D. Programme in Library and Information Science. The programme is interdisciplinary and carries a comparative perspective, enhancing the quality of research. The Ph.D. coursework is a prerequisite to continue with the programme and aims at facilitating research students joining the programme from 2015-2016 onwards to understand the essentials of quality research. The course further aims to familiarize the perspectives, pedagogy, and their implications in various areas of investigations. The course aims at developing the following skills: (i) Investigation, (ii) Evaluation, (iii) Reasoning, (iv) Comprehension, (v) Analysis, (vi) Writing, and (vii) Editing, Proof Reading and Designing.

Major Research Areas in Library and Information Science

Marketing of LIS Products, Cataloguing, History of Libraries in India and Information Systems, Library, Information and Society, Library Cataloguing, ICT Applications in Libraries and Information Activities, Content Development, Library Classification, Bibliometrics, Scientometrics, Altmetrics, Webometric studies, Public Library System, Designing and evaluation of Websites, Web-OPACs, e-journals, Social Networking Sites, Mobile Library Services, Text Mining, Developing Thesaurus, etc.

Duration: As per the Ordinance-VI of the University of Delhi.

Intake: As per the yearly vacancies, please refer to Bulletin of Information, Admission to Ph.D. Programme.

Admission Eligibility:

  1. Master‘s degree in Library and Information Sciences with a minimum of 55% marks from the University of Delhi or from any other University recognized as equivalent thereto. 
  • The admission of candidates for the Ph.D. Program is governed by the Ordinance-VI dated 9 August 2017 and its subsequent amendments of the University of Delhi published on DU website ( from time to time.
  • Admission to Ph.D. Programme is through DUET, followed by an interview. Candidates seeking admission to Ph.D. The program shall go through - Clause- B, “Procedure for Admission” of Ordinance-VI and its amendments (points 2 and 3) to check if they are exempted from appearing in the Entrance Test. However, an interview is mandatory for all Candidates. 
  • Admission of the candidates for Ph.D. Program is based on the suitability of specific specializations and is also subject to fulfilling all other conditions laid down in the respective Ordinances of the University of Delhi.
  • A Candidate shall provide details of the Research Proposal on the admission portal for seeking admission to the Ph.D. Program. Candidate must go through (i) Annexure-IV: Requirement of Research Proposal for admission to Ph.D. Program, (ii) Annexure-VI: Eligibility for admission to Ph.D. Program, and (iii) Annexure VIII: Major Areas of Research offered by Department.


Research Proposal is mandatory for the Ph.D. Programme of the Department of Library and Information Science.
Candidates must visit the Department website ( regularly. The decision of the Departmental Research Committee (DRC) of the Department shall be final.

Admission Procedure for Foreign Students :

The Admission Committee on individual merit will consider applications of international students. International students are seeking admission to Ph.D. programme in the Department of Library and Information Science are required to apply directly to the Foreign Students’ Advisor, Foreign Students’ Registry, Room No. 11, First Floor, Conference Centre, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007. They will arrange for their admission to the Department. International students stationed in India who have passed the last examination from the Board/University in India may seek admission based on merit and other students after obtaining a No Objection Certificate from the Foreign Students’ Advisor.

Procedure for Admission: Through Entrance Examination and Interview.

Candidates seeking admission to the Ph.D. programme will have to apply online. For more details about the Ph.D. programme, please refer to the Bulletin of Information, Admission to Ph.D. programme.  

Ph.D. Course Work

As per the University Ordinance -VI and new guidelines, the research scholars who were provisionally registered under the PhD Programme from 2015-16 onwards will have to undergo a Ph.D. Course Work.

Programme Structure, The Ph.D. Coursework shall comprise one semester (i.e. six months) in which there shall be three compulsory papers (See the below Courses of Study).

(a) Medium of instruction: English. (b) Each paper will be of 6 hours of instruction/studies per week. (c) The student shall be evaluated at the end of the semester. Total marks for Ph.D. Course Work is 300 (Paper-I 100 marks, Paper-II 100 marks, and Paper-III 100 marks). Pass marks are 50% on each paper. Suppose a student cannot complete a course with 50% marks. In that case, the student shall be allowed to reappear only once in the examination in the subsequent academic year (As per the University Ordinance-VI). (d) The final research proposals will be presented before the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) and reported in the DRC within the period prescribed by the Ordinance-VI. (e) The minimum attendance required during the Course Work period is not less than 75% of the total classes.

Courses of Study for Ph.D. Course Work  

Course- I: Research Methodology in Library and Information Science (Compulsory)
Course- II:  Research and Publication Ethics (Compulsory)

 Course- III:   Choose any one of the following options:
Course - III  (a): University and College Library System  
Course - III (b): Information Processing and Organization                
Course - III  (d): Application of Tools and Technologies in Library and Information Science   

Course - III  (g): Library and Information Science Education    

(a) The topic and the other details of the Ph.D. for each candidate shall be finalized by the DRC. Other rules in this regard shall be as given in Ordinance VI about the Ph.D. programme, and (b) The Thesis shall be submitted only when the supervisor concerned is/are satisfied that the Thesis is worthy of consideration in part fulfilment of the Ph.D. degree, provided that the Head of the Department concerned shall also countersign the application for submission of the Thesis. The thesis may include results of original research, a fresh interpretation of existing facts and data, or a review article of a critical nature, or it may take other forms as determined by the DRC.