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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 21, Number 1&2, 1996


arrow KRISHAN KUMAR. Editorial 21,1-2;1996;i-ii
arrow GIRJA KUMAR. Missing the Bus by Indian Librarians? 21,1;1996;1-5
arrow SINGH (JP). LISARS: An Information Storage and Retrieval System for Laser Technology. 21,1;1996;6-34
arrow KRISHAN KUMAR. Research in Library History: A Few Suggestions. 21,1;1996;35-40    
arrow MUJOO-MUNSHI (Usha). Library and Information Science (LIS) Education Scenario: Past, Present and Future, with Special Reference to Reinventing the Curriculum for 21st Century. 21,1;1996;41-76    
arrow SAINI (ML). Making LIS Education More Purpose-Oriented: Some Random Reflections: 21,1;1996;77-80    
arrow KAUNUNGO (Neena Talwar). Citing Pattern of Indian Historians : A Case Study of The Indian Historical Review'. 21,1;1996;81-92    
arrow SATYANARAYANA (R). Library and Information Science Education and Training in India in The Nineties. 21,1;1996;93-101    
arrow CHAYA DEVI (A). Development of National Document Supply Centre-A Model: Suggestions . 21,1;1996;102-11    
arrow GUPTA (SR), CHAUDHURY (Poonam) & SAHIB SINGH. Oh, Our Alma Mater ! Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya. 21,1;1996;112-15