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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 9, Number 1, 1984


arrow MANGLA (PB). Role of the Public Library in Developing Countries with Particular Reference to Literacy. 9,1; 1984; 1-15
arrow KASHYAP (MM). Measurement Theory and its Application in Library Systems: Study and Research. 9,1;1984;16-35    
arrow MAHESWARAPPA (BS) & NAGAPPA (B). Indian Phytopathology Literature: A Bibliometric Study Based on Review of Plant Pathology. 9,1; 1984; 36-47
arrow NARENDRA KUMAR. Citation Study as a Tool for Evaluation of Journal Collection Use: A Case Study. 9,1;1984; 48-64
arrow ABOYADE (B.Olambimpe). Education and Training of the Information Professionals in Nigeria : Establishing an Identity. 9,1; 1984; 65-84    
arrow HASSO (Maysoon H). Bibliometric Study of Two Secondary Services in Civil Engineering with Special Emphasis on Bradfordzipf Application and Validity. 9,1; 1984; 85-90    

Volume 9, Number 2, 1984
arrow KAEGBEIN (Paul). On the Education and Training Situation in the Information Fields in the Federal Republic of Germany . 9,2; 1984; 91-105
arrow LEE (Pongsoon). Education for Librarianship in Korea . 9,2;1984;106-17    
arrow KORALE (SR). National Library Development and Legislation in Sri Lanka : A Review. 9,2; 1984; 118-45
arrow XIANGJIN (Tan). Role and Functions of the National Library of China . 9,2;1984; 146-53
arrow MAHESWARAPPA (BS), NAGAPPA (B) & MATHIAS (SA). Collaborative Research in Science and Technology in India : A Bibliometric Study. 9,2; 1984; 154-59    
arrow MUSIB (SK). Production of Journals in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics and Economics: Their Country of Origin, Frequency and Agency of Publications. 9,2;1984;160-66