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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 30, Number 1& 2, 2005


arrow SANGAM, (S L), KADI,(A S ), MEGERJ, (M N) & HANASI (D M). Indicators for Demographic Research: A Cross-national Assessment. 30,1;2005;1-20  
Abstract: Scientometric studies are conducted in order to assess the quantitative and qualitative development of subjects especially in sciences.The research and development efforts in the field of demography has brought out tremendous literature. Therefore, there is a need of conducting a scientometric study in the field of demography to assess the qualitative and quantitative developments of this field of knowledge. The present paper is an attempt to assess the qualitative and quantitative research output of demography research based on the distribution of publications in different sub specialties of demography.
arrow SENTHILKUMARAN (P ) & AMUDHAVALU (A). Research on Spices in Asia : A Bibliometric Study.30,1;2005;21-28
Abstract: A Scientometric analysis of Major Spices Research literature published in Asian countries between 1968-2002 was undertaken-using HORT-CD database. Asian countries are the major producers, marketers, and consumers of spices in the world. Hence, the R & D activity is assumed to be very on this subject. The major spices are Chilly, Pepper, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, and Cardamom. This paper investigates the most prolific authors and their affiliations and key journals in major spices in the Asian region.
CHOPRA (H. R.) & BANERJEE (Sushanta).Utilisation of Library and Information Services of Public Libraries in Punjab : A Case Study. 30,1;2005;29-44
Abstract: In the present era information is vital for socio-economic and political developments of a nation. The information seeking behavior of users have changed due to the electronic information environment. This study discusses the findings of a survey of users of public libraries in Punjab. It identified their needs and assesses the quality of library services provided by the public libraries. The authors highlighted that the usage of public library services by the female users is significantly low and needs serious attention by the library authorities of the state.
ROKADE (S.M. ) & RAJYAIAKSHMI.Information Services in Agricultural University Libraries in  Maharashtra: A Case Study. 30,1;2005;45-52
Abstract: This Paper succinctly describes the present status of information services in agricultural university libraries in Maharashtra, changing .scenario of information services and their needs for the development of agriculture, agricultural education and research and in India. The survey of the information services of four agricultural university libraries have been conducted and it has- been observed and concluded that it is necessary to develop the computerized and digitalized information services by developing financial and human resources.
MOUNlSSAMY (P.) & KAUAMMAL(A.).Promoting Effective Use of Electronic Resources in the Higher Technical Education Institutions.30,1;2005;53-64
Abstract: Internet and the universal adoption of the World Wide Web enable the distribution of scholarly communications more widely. The electronic resources have become a very widely used format of choice for academic library patrons as they offer today’s' users many opportunities that were not available to their predecessors. In the last several years, many funded research projects had focused on how people use electronic resources. In the Library land "Promotion" is the work of informing the end-users about the new services to secure the survival and prosperity. This research article offers a way to identify the promotional ways adopted in libraries of 18 National Institute of Technology (NITs) for the effective promotion of electronic resources.
BHATT (R.K.). E-Journals and Libraries : Vexing Issues. 30,1;2005;65-74
Abstract: Journals play a vital role in the research and development activities. Majority of university libraries and special libraries spend major part of their budget on the acquisition of journals. Due to the advent of information technology, paradigm shifts from print journals to e-journals have taken place in past one decade. Accesses to E- journals have enormous benefits to the subscribers, therefore, the universities and research institutions are subscribing e-journals both directly from the publishers or forming the part of e-journals consortium. The present paper discusses in details the problems and prospect of e-journals in an Indian environment.
MOLY (T.M.).Career Guidance Initiatives in India : Role of College Librarians.30,1;2005;75-90
Abstract: Globalization and liberalization made the world a global village. Developments in Information and Communication Technologies influenced the area of knowledge management and access to information. As new occupations are created in areas like information technology and multimedia, there is a need to evaluate the existing job opportunities. Better and more  timely ways need to be., found for young people and those who advise them to learn about the realities of work and job. In such a labour market career guidance is important in helping young people to understand themselves, in developing the tools that they need to understand available work opportunities and in developing the skills that they need to link themselves to these opportunities. As the librarians have the key to the world of knowledge and information and necessary skill and access to information technology they have an important role to play in providing career information to students and all those who in need of it.
SINGH (Sewa) & SHARMA (Sushma).National Information System in Humanities (NISH) A Proposal. 30,1;2005;91-100
Abstract: This paper states the important role the libraries are playing in promoting research and scholarly pursuits in various subjects of humanities. A model is suggested for setting up an information system in Humanities on the lines of NISCAIR in sciences and NASSDOC in social sciences. The implementation of such a system will bring libraries and Information centres in Humanities at par with other branches of universe of knowledge- Networking of libraries in humanities will provide the users information effectively and efficiency.
RANI (Sarita) & KAUR (Amrit Pal).Marketing of Information Products and Services : A Study of the Attitude of the Professional Staff working at Guru Nanak Dev University Library.30,1;2005;101-114
Abstract: The present study attempts to assess the attitude of the professional staff working at Guru Nanak Dev University Library towards the concept of marketing, information services and products. A questionnaire was prepared for the purpose. The findings of the survey reveal that the attitude of library staff towards different aspects of marketing is positive. On the basis of the findings some suggestions have been made to improve the situation.
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