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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 13, Number 1, 1988


arrow MISHRA (SK). Structure and Development of Economics. 13,1;1988;1-14
arrow NIKHLESH KUMAR. Structure and Development of Sociology. 13,1;1988;15-38    
arrow SCHMIDT (Dorothy). Implication of Mechanized Information Retrieval for Librarianship in the Developing Countries. 13,1;1988;39-50
arrow HOOD (Howard A). Disk and Dat: Recent Developments in Legal Databases and Emerging Information Technologies in the United States . 13,1; 1988; 51-66
arrow BRYANT (Phillip). Bibliographic Access to Serials: A Study for the British Library 13,1;1988;67-82    
arrow SUMSION (John W). Public Lending Right (PLR): The UK Experience. 13,1;1988;83-95    

Volume 13, Number 2, 1988
arrow MANGLA (PB). Agricultural Libraries in India : An Overall View-Key Note Address 13,2; 1988;97-108
arrow BORCHARDT (Peter). Introduction to Libraries and Librarianship in the Federal Republic of Germany . 13,2;1988;109-30    
arrow GOLCZEWSKI (Mechthild). Public Libraries in the Federal Republic of Germany . 13,2;1988;131-42
arrow AHMAD (Nasiruddin). Library Education in Bangladesh Needs Modernization. 13,2; 1988; 143-52
arrow PATEL (Chitra). Computerization of Video Library: An Experience in DECU. 13,2;1988; 153-74    
arrow LAL (Arjun). Citations in Agricultural Research. 13,2;1988;175-83    
arrow International Conference on Bibliographic Databases and Networks Recommendations. 13,2;1988;184-87    
arrow All India Public Library Conference on 8th Plan Perspective of Public Library Development Recommendations. 13,2;1988; 188-91    
arrow MANGLA (PB). ALA World Encyclopedia of Library and Information Services.13,2;1988; 192-95