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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 27, Number 1, 2002


arrow SHAILENDRA KUMAR & JHA (Aman Kumar). Classification Formats in Dewey System of Classification with special emphasis to Dewey for Windows. 27,1;2002;1-10
arrow GOEL (Kamlesh). Bibliometric Study of Gender Differences in the Field of Psychology in India. 27,1;2002;11-23    
arrow KAUR (Amritpal) & RANA (Ranjit Singh). Information Technology and LIS Education in India: Striking a Balance between Conventional Courses and IT. 27,1;2002;24-32
arrow GUPTA (Deep Raj). Digitization: Pros and Cons. 27,1;2001;33-41
arrow HARIDASAN (Sudharma) & SULTAN (Tarannum). Occupational Stress and Burnout among the Library Staff of Gorakhpur University: A Survey. 27,1;2001;42-52    
arrow DOMINIC (J) & NIRMALA (PJ). Circulation Analysis of Lending Books in KIT Library. 27,1;2001;53-60    
arrow MAJEE (Arabinda). Functions of the Imperial Library during the Rule of Akbar. 27,1;2002;61-67    
arrow SINGH (KP). Electronic Information: New Opportunities for Agricultural Scientists. 27,1;2002;68-76    
arrow GUPTA (SR). Editorial: On Filling a Gap: Holistic Management. 27,1;2002;ii,77-78    

Volume 27, Number 2, 2002

arrow GUPTA (SR). Editorial, 27,2;2002;80
arrow SARAF (Veena) & MEZBAH-UL-ISLAM (Muhhamad). Measuring Library Effectiveness: A Holistic Approach. 27,2;2002;81-105    
arrow SINGH (Bhawna) & GUPTA (SR). SLISS: A System Study of School Libraries in GNCT Delhi. 27,2;2002;106-21
arrow THAPA (Neelam) & SAHOO (KC). Education and Training of Future Information Managers: Role of UGC and Universities in M.P. 27,2;2002;122-34
arrow Sundararajan (E), Joseph ( JVM), Jaayakumar (C) & VENKADESAN (SV). E-Learning: Digital Library as Information Repository. 27,2;2002;135-41    
arrow GUPTA (SR) & BABBAR (Parveen). Need and Provision of Professional Library Management Consultancy. 27,2;2002;142-51    
arrow CHANDEL (AS) & SARAF (Veena). Studies in Information Seeking Behaviour and use: Need for Paradigm Change. 27,2;2002;152-74