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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 7, Number 1, 1982


arrow RANGARAJAN (KS) VERMA (RK) & TILWANI (TD). Indian Physics Journals-Analysis of their Impact on Service to Physics Research Workers. 7,1; 1982; 1-14
arrow MAHESWARAPPA (BS) & PRAKASH (BP). Literature Use Pattern by the Researchers in the Field of Botany: A Citation Study of Doctoral Theses. 7,1;1982; 15-32    
arrow AGGARWAL (SP). Horizons in National Information System in Social Sciences in India . 7,1;1982; 33-60
arrow KASHYAP (MM). Data-Processing and Computer Application in Library. 7,1;1982; 61-83
arrow HARAVU (LJ). Managing University Library Resources and Services: The Role of Automation. 7,1; 1982; 84-95    
arrow MAHMUD UL-HASSAN. Allama Iqbal Open University Library: Comprehensive Report on its Development, Organisation, Staff Structure and Services etc. 7,1; 1982; 96-116    

Volume 7, Number 2, 1982
arrow RAUCH (Wolf D). Role of the Library in Computer-Aided Information and Documentation Systems. 7,2; 1982; 117-24
arrow SUKHMANEVA (EG). Categories of Universal and Special Library Classifications. 7,2; 1982; 125-30    
arrow URS (R. Rama Raj). Nursing as a Discipline and its Classification in Dewey Decimal Classification. 7,2; 1982; 131-45
arrow SRIDHAR (MS). Study of Library Visits and Inhouse Use of Library Documents by Indian Space Technologists. 7,2;1982;146-58
arrow JANAK RAJ. Stock Verification in Regional Engineering College Library, Kurukshetra: A Case Study. 7,2;1982; 159-66    
arrow BHAT (SG), KESARWANI (SK) & SINNARKAR (SN). Information Support to Water Supply and Sanitation Programme in India-Problems and Prospects. 7,2;1982;169-78