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Welcome to useful websites page of DLIS Library. The following are the useful web links compiled for the benefit of Library and Inforamtion Science students and hyperlinks were checked on 6.8.2016. If any change in URL or problem, please email to


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www Useful Websites

bullet triggertriggersearch

bullet Awards, Prizes, Scholarships or Fellowships in LIStriggertriggersearch

bullet Quotations about Libraries and Librarianstriggertriggersearch

bullet E-LIStriggertriggerE-LISGototop

bullet Charterd Institute of L& I Professionals - CILIPtriggertriggerE-LIS

bullet Library Science Institutes in IndiatriggertriggerE-LIS

bullet Library Terminalogytriggertriggerdownload

bullet Quotations on Librarianshiptriggertriggerdownload

bullet MARC StandardstriggertriggerE-LIS

bullet Resource Description FormatstriggertriggerE-LIS

bullet Digital Library StandardstriggertriggerE-LIS

bullet Information Resource Retrieval ProtocolstriggertriggerE-LIS

bullet Dubline Core Metadata StandardtriggertriggerE-LIS

bullet How to Write an AbstracttriggertriggerE-LIS

bullet Ten Steps to Writing an Effiective AbstracttriggertriggerE-LIS

bullet Writing and Presenting Thesis or Dissertation: A Guide triggertriggerE-LIS

bullet How to write a thesis?triggertriggerE-LISGototop

bullet Open Thesis - Search Theses & Dissertations triggertriggerOpen Thesis

bullet Library and Information Science Resources on the Web triggertriggerOpen Thesis


wwwOnline Citation Tools for automatic bibliography

bullet EasyBib - Free Bibliography Maker triggertriggerconvert

bullet BibMe - Free Bibliography Maker triggertriggerconvert

bullet Citation Builder triggertriggerconvert

bullet Citation Machine triggertriggerconvert

bullet EndNote - Bibliographies Made Easytriggertriggerconvert

bullet Online Citation Wizardtriggertriggerconvert

bullet Online Works Cited Bibliography Composertriggertriggerconvert

bullet Chicago Manual of Styletriggertriggerread


http Other Web Resources  

bullet Online PDF Converter triggertriggerconvert

bullet Online PDF to Word Converter triggertriggerconvert

bullet Online Word to PDF Converter triggertriggerconvert

bullet Online Plagiarism Checker triggertriggerconvert

bullet Online Plagiarism Detection Tool triggertriggerconvert

bullet CCF to MARC21 Conversion Utility software triggertriggerconvert

bullet DDC Numeric Numbers triggertriggerdownload

bullet Common Communication Format (CCF) Tag Numbers triggertriggerdownload

bullet Greenstone (v2.86) Digital Library software triggertriggerdownload

bullet CDS/ISIS for Windows (WINISIS) software triggertriggerdownload


job LIS Job Websites 

bullet LIS Jobs (In India)triggertriggersearch

bullet Lisjobnettriggertriggersearch

bullet Commonly Asked Interview Questions in LIS triggertriggerdownload


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