Library Rules

changing DLIS Library Rules

(a) Students of the Department (BLISc, MLISc, M.Phil and PhD.) are entitled to become members of the library. DLIS Library is having four types of Borrowing cards for B.L.I.Sc., M.L.ISc., M Phil., Ph.D. members. For faculty members register system is being used and borrowing tickets are issued according to various categories. Details are as follows:

No. of Borrrowing Tickets issued
Ticket Colour
Issue Period
Green and Black
Blue and Black
Gray and Black
Gray and Black

(b) Personal belonging's like bags, personal books, etc are not allowed inside the Library.

(c) Books taken for consultation purpose should be consulted inside the library only. Such books are not allowed to be taken outside the library. Only two books shall be given for consolation against reader's tickets.

(d) Marking with Pen/Pencil and tearing of pages from the documents will be taken very seriously and the users found guilty will be punished severely.

(e) Before leaving the Library, students must get their books checked at the Counter.

(f) Silence is essential in the Library. Students are requested to co-operate for calm and healthy atmosphere in the library.

(g) Borrower's tickets are not transferable. No student will be allowed any book (s) on any other borrower's ticket(s). Tea and snacks etc. are not allowed to taken inside the Library premises.

(h) Mobile phones are not allowed for use inside the library premises. Gotop

(i) If a book overdue for more than one week, the matter will be reported to the appropriate authority.

(j) In case the borrowing/reader ticket is lost, it should beimmediately reported in writing to the Circulation counter in the Library. Duplicate borrowing/reader ticket will be issued on the payment of Rs. 5/- with the University Cashier, but the students will remain responsible for the loss/misuse of his/her ticket.

changing Library Hours

Library remains open from 9.00 a.m. to 4.45 p.m. on all working days. However keeping in view of the needs of the Students, the library is kept open beyound normal days/hours and timings are notified on the Library and Department Notice Boards.

changing Library Staff

Library In-charge : Dr.(Mrs). Meera, Associate Professor
Professional Assistant: Mrs. Renu Rani (Incharge)
Semi-Professional Assistant: Vacant
Library Attendant : Mr. Madan Mohan

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