The following is the list of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree completed in the Department.


            bulltet M.Phil. Completed  (Last updated on:1-11-2023)

Sl. No.
Title of the Dissertation
Research Scholar
Year of Award
Trends in Library and Information Science Research in India, United States of America and United Kingdom: A Study.

Ms.Bhawna Panwar

Prof.Paramjeet Kaur Walia 2023
Information Seeking Behaviour of Research Scholars in Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Delhi: A Study.

Ms.Kumari Renu

Prof.K P Singh 2023
Institutional Repositories in Select Institutions of Assam: A Study.

Ms.Pompy Deka

Prof. Meera 2023
Collection and Services of Regional Centre Libraries of NCERT : A Study.


Prof.K P Singh 2023
Mathematics Research Output of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and Bombay: A Bibliometric Study.

Ms.Anshika Singh Tomar

Prof. Shailendra Kumar 2023
Altmetric analysis of highly cited Indian publications in the field of Library and Information Science.

Mr.Nadeem Nazir

Prof. Meera 2023
Status of Select Public Libraries of Haryana: A Study.


Dr.Manish Kumar 2023
Research Productivity in the field of Science and Technology in State Universities of Uttarakhand.

Mr.Ambikesh Uniyal

Prof. Meerar 2023
Awareness of Research Data Management Services among Library and Information Science Professionals working at the Indian Institute of Technology Libraries in North India.

Ms.Anuradha Maurya

Prof. M.Madhusudhan 2023
A study of Institutional Repositories of select Indian Institute of Technology Libraries of India.

Mr.Bheem Kumar

Dr. Manish Kumar 2023
Collection, Service and Digitization process of National Archives of India:A study.

Ms.Preeti Singh

Prof.K.P.Singh 2023
Journal of Information System and Technology Management (JISTEM) 2004-2021: A Bibliometric Study.

Mr.Prateek Singh

Prof. K.P.Singh 2023
A Scientometric Assessment of Indo-US Collaboration pattern in the Field of Bioinformatics.


Prof. Meera 2022
Use of e-Journals by The Faculty Members and Research Scholars in the Field of Social Sciences in Selected State Government Universities of Bihar:A Study.

Mr.Pramod Kumar Paswan

Dr.Manish Kumar 2022
Design, Development and Implementation of Digital Essentials on Research and Publication Ethics Course of UGC for the Research Scholars of the University of Delhi.

Ms. Shivani

Prof.M.Madhusudhan 2022
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Use of Library Services: A Study of Selected Libraries of University of Delhi.

Mr.Siddharth Rai

Prof.K.P.Singh 2023
COVID-19 Vaccines and Drug Efficacy, since 2019- 2021: A Scientometric Analysis

Ms.Shreya Yadav

Prof. Shailendra Kumar 2022
Role of Librarians in Plagiarism Control: A Study of Central Universities of Delhi


Prof.M.Madhusudhan 2022
Highly Cited Publications on Plagiarism in India: An Altmetric Study

Mr.Ranjan Borah

Prof.M.Madhusudhan 2023
Indian Astrophysics Research Output: A Scientometric Study

Ms.Gyandhriti Khargharia

Prof. Shailendra Kumar 2023
Digital Literacy of LIS students during the Pandemic: A study of University of Delhi.


Prof. M.Madhusudhan 2022
Library herald 2005-2020: A Bibliometric study.

Ms.Juli Devi

Prof.K.P.Singh 2022
A Bibliometric study of the Journal of Library Philosophy and Practice.


Prof.R.K.Bhatt 2022
Content Analysis of International Journal of Knowledge Content Development and Technology (IJKCDT) (2011-2019).

Ms.Preeti Mavi

Prof. K.P.Singh 2022
Library Herald (1958-1981): A Bibliometric Study.


Prof. K.P. Singh 2022
190 Knowledge Management Literature in Library and Information Science: A Scientometric Study Ms.Seema Yadav Prof.Meera 2022
189 Information Seeking Behaviour of Law students: A study in NCR Mr.Aman Verma Dr. Manish Kumar 2022
188 Marketing of Library Products and Services: A Study of Select Private University Libraries of National Captial Region Ms.Sheetal Dr. Manish Kumar 2021
187 Content Analysis of Select Institutional Repositories in India: A Study Ms.Prerna Goswami Prof.K.P.Singh 2021
186 Application of Web 2.0 Technologies in Select Libraries in Delhi: A Study Ms.Jyotsna Ranjan Prof. R.K.Bhatt 2021
185 Content analysis and use of library websites of select colleges of University of Delhi: A study Ms. Kajal Narula Prof.P.K.Walia 2021
184 Use of reference management softwares by post graduate students and research scholars in University of Delhi: A Study Mr.Mahfooz Hussain Prof.P.K.Walia 2021
183 Growth and Development of Central and State University Libraries in Delhi: A Study Mr. Pradeep Kumar Prof. R.K.Bhatt 2021
182 Compilation of Cumulative Index of the Journal of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi (2004-2017) Ms. Shweta Singh Prof.K.P.Singh 2021
181 Content Analysis of Library and Information Science Blogs in India Mr. Hauminlun Prof. Margam.Madhusudhan 2018
180 Use and Promotion of Library and Information Services in Select Libraries of ICAR in Delhi and Haryana: A Study Mr. Hari Krishna Prof. K.P.Singh 2018
179 Subject Gateway of Multimedia Information Resources on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Available on Internet and Select Libraries in Delhi: A Study Ms. Manisha Verma Prof. Shailendra Kumar 2018
178 Altmetrics Analysis of Highly Cited Publications on Digital Libraries in BRICS Countires A Camparative Study Ms. Sapna Verma Prof. Margam.Madhusudhan 2018
177 Topic mining and Prediction Modeling of Library and Information Science Thesis submitted to shodhganga during 2013 to 2017 Ms. Manika Lamba Prof. Margam.Madhusudhan 2018
176 Job Satisfaction among Library professionals in Select College Libraries of University of Delhi: A Study Ms. Sandhya Salunia Prof. Shailendra Kumar 2018
175 Pattern of Usage of E-Resources among postgraduate students in Select University Libraries of Bihar: A study Mr. Praksh Thakur Prof. R.K.Bhatt 2018
174 Interoperability issue of the Library Management Software: A Comparative Study of Koha and Soul Mr.Ashutosh Awasthi Prof. Shailendra Kumar 2018
173 Marketing of Library Products and Services by Select Libraries in the Field of Economics in Delhi: A Study Ms. Mamta Prof. K.P.Singh 2018
172 Pattern of Information Seeking Behaviour of Research Scholars in University of Delhi in Digital Environment Mr. Divyanshu Gupta Prof. Margam.Madhusudhan 2018
171 Use of Mobile Devices by Library and Information Science Students in Central Universities of Uttar Pradesh: A Study Ms. Rajul Sharma Prof. Margam.Madhusudhan 2017
170 Comparative Study of Online Citation Tools Mr. Paojangul Misao Prof. Margam.Madhusudhan 2017
169 Evaluation of Website of Select Public Libraries in India: A Study Ms. Neha Sharma Prof. P.K.Walia 2017
168 Library and Information Science Education in SAARC Countries: A Study Ms. Nushrat Parween Prof. P.K.Walia 2017
167 Citation Analysis of Journal Literature in the Field of Commerce. Ms. Nishat Prof. P.K.Walia 2017
166 Job Satisfaction Among Lis Professionals in Select Health Science Libraries in Delhi: A Study Ms. Neha Singhal Dr.Meera 2017
165 Use of Anti-Plagiarism Tools by Research Scholars of Jawaharlal Nehru University and University of Delhi: A Study Ms. Jyothi Singh Dr.Meera 2017
164 Collaboration Pattern in the Field of Library and Information Science: Study Ms. Ruchi Dr.Meera 2017
163 Human Resource Management of Library and Information Science Professionals in Select Libraries of Delhi: A Study Ms. Garvita Jhamb Dr.Meera 2017
162 Study of Storage and Retrieval of Multimedia Resources at Select Libraries of Delhi. Ms. Kimi Dr.Meera 2017
161 Growth and Development of Library and Information Science Journals in India: A Study Mr.Anish Shukla Prof. K.P.Singh 2017
160 Marketing of Library Produts and Services in Select Social Science Libraries in Delhi: A Study Ms.Monika Singh Prof. K.P.Singh 2017
159 Citation Analysis Indian Journal of Chemistry Section A and B: A Study. Ms.Treveni Dey Prof. K.P.Singh 2017
158 Security System in Select Libraries in Delhi: A Study Mr.Ajaz-Ul-Hasan Prof. Shailendra Kumar 2017
157 Preservation and Conservation of Information Resources Available in IGNCA, National Archives of India and National Museum, New Delhi Ms. Leishichan Zingkhai Dr. Meera 2015
156 Application of Metric Studies in Select Libraries of Delhi: A Study Mr.Gaurav Sharma Dr Shailendra Kumar 2015
155 Information needs and Information seeking behavior of Foreign Students in University of Delhi: A study Mr. Moveen Kumar Dr.K.P.Singh 2015
154 Information Seeking behavior of Journalists in Delhi: A Study Shabeeh Naaz Prof. Paramjeet K. Walia 2015
153 Mapping the Research Productivity of University of Delhi: A study of SCOPUS Database Bharti Dr.Meera 2015
152 Information seeking behavior of Faculty, Research Scholar and Post Graduate Students of the School of social Sciences of Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi: A case study Lingsangmi Khongreiwo Dr.Meera 2015
151 Use and awareness of Consortium for e-resources in agriculture (CeRA) by scientists and research scholars in select ICAR libraries in Delhi Ms.Tanuja Kumari Dr.K P Singh 2015
150 Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviour of North East students in university of Delhi : A Study Ms.Diksha Yadav Dr K.P.Singh 2014
149 Citation analysis of periodicals in Botany: a study Ms.Monika Sharma Dr (Mrs) Paramjeet K Walia 2014
148 Current trends in library and information science: a study of select central universities in India Ms.Monika Sharma Prof (Mrs) S P Singh 2014
147 Use of web-resources by the research scholars in central science library, University of Delhi: a study Ms.Shabana Parveen Prof (Mrs) S P Singh 2014
146 Indexing and abstracting of teachings of Guru Nanak Dev in Guru Granth Sahib Ms.Harmeet Kaur Dr Shailendra Kumar 2014
145 Job satisfaction among library professionals in electronic environment: a study of select special libraries in Delhi Ms.Bharti Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2014
144 Professional inclination and academic background of library and information science students: a study of select universities of North India Mr.Harish Chander Dr.K P Singh 2014
143 Use of RFID Technology in Select Libraries in Delhi: A Study Ms.Parul Gupta Dr M.Madhusudhan 2014
142 Use of electronic resources in floriculture of Kashmir by students,research scholars and faculty members of select institutes in Kashmir Mr.Saleeq Omar Dar Dr Shailendra Kumar 2014
141 Current trends in library and information science: a study of select central universities in India Mr.Ch. Peidu Prof (Mrs) S P Singh 2014
140 A study of library and information science course material available in University of Delhi, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Jamia Millia Islamia Libraries Ms.K S Purnima Dr Shailendra Kumar 2013
139 A study of online databases in the field of zoology: ssers perspective Ms. Manju Rani Dr Shailendra Kumar 2013
138 Information seeking behaviour of senior citizens in Delhi : a study Ms.Rinku Chhabra Dr (Mrs) Paramjeet K Walia 2013
137 A comparative study of library and information science postgraduate courses in India and UK Ms.Suboohi Siddiqui Dr (Mrs) Paramjeet K Walia 2013
136 Information seeking behaviour of LIS professionals in central Universities of Delhi Mr.Megh Raj Singh Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2013
135 Use of electronic resources by faculty members and research scholars in history and sociology in central Universities of Delhi Mr.Rajesh Kumar Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2013
134 Use of electronic resources by research scholars and faculty members in economics and political science in central universities of Delhi Ms.Rajeshwari Devi Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2013
133 Use of information resources in the field of chartered accountancy: a study Mr.Surjeet Kumar Dr Shailendra Kumar 2013
132 Organisation of information resources in art galleries and libraries of art colleges in Delhi: a study Ms.Rekha Rani Dr Shailendra Kumar 2013
131 Evaluation of Select Web-based Library Automation Software Mr.Vikas Singh Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2013
130 Websites of Indian Institutes of Technology: A Webometric Study Mr.Shashi Prakash Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2013
129 Digital Preservation of electronic media in select media libraries in Delhi Mr.Sanjay Vats Dr.(Mrs.) Meera and Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2012
128 Reading habits of teenagers in Delhi schools: a study Ms.Nitu Sinha Dr (Mrs) Paramjeet K Walia 2012
127 Research productivity of faculty members in biological science in University of Delhi and JNU: a comparative study Mr.Naseem Raza Dr.K.P.Singh 2012
126 India's Contribution to open access scholarly literature in science & technology: a critical study of Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) & Directory of Open Access Repositories (DOAR) Ms.Vinita Khanchandani Dr.K.P.Singh 2012
125 Online newspaper reading habits among users of university of Delhi Mr.Praveen Kumar Dr. (Mrs.) P.K.Walia 2012
124 Academic contribution of LIS faculty (University of Delhi) after Dr. S.R.Ranganathan : a study Ms.Meenakshi Rathore Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2012
123 Use of Web-based Online Public Access Catalogue by foreign students in University of Delhi Ms.Shikha Rani Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2012
122 Designing subject gateway in fashion technology Ms.Sneh Verma Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2012
121 Analysis of websites of the IIT libraries in India: A study Ms.Shabana Maseeh Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2012
120 Evaluation of library websites of Indian Institute of Management in India Mr.Noushad Ahmed Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2012
119 Use of onlinediscussion groups in library and information science by the  college librarians affiliated to university of Delhi: A study Mr.Ashraf K. Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2012
118 Use of e-journals by defence scientists in defence research and development organization (DRDO) labs in Delhi : A study Mr.Naresh Kumar Dr.K.P.Singh 2012
117 Marketing of LIS products and services in select economics libraries in Delhi:A study Mr.Mohd.Yusuf Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2012
116 Use of web resources in biochemistry by research scholars in university of Delhi Ms.S.Muansangluai Ngaihte Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2011
115 Institutional repositories : an analytical study of select university libraries in Delhi and Punjab Mr.Om Prakash Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singhh 2011
114 Electronic resources: a survey of current practices in university libraries in Delhi Ms.Kanchan Rani Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2011
113 Use of e-journals in the field of chemistry by faculty members and research scholars in select university libraries in Delhi: A study Mr.Amit Kumar Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2011
112 Use of e-resources in the field of geography by the users in selected university libraries in Delhi. Ms.Gargi Verma Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2011
111 Use of e-journals by users of indian council of medical research (ICMR) labs in Delhi: A study Mr.Malkeet Singh Dr.K.P.Singh 2011
110 Information literacy programs in promoting research and development activities in the changing environment: Study in the libraries of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia University and University of Delhi. Ms.Neha Kalra Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2011
109 Design and development of web-enabled online directory of library and information science teachers in India. Ms.Esther Moirangthem Dr.K.P.Singh 2010
108 Total quality management in selected engineering and management college libraries in national capital region of Delhi. Ms.Barkha Gupta Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2010
107 Electronic resources in Physics in selected libraries in Delhi: a study. Ms.Manisha Singh Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2010
106 Evaluation of websites of the selected national libraries of the world. Ms.Monika Gupta Dr.(Mrs.)P.K.Walia 2010
105 Evaluation of web-based online public access catalogues of Indian Institutes of Technology libraries in India Ms.Shalini Aggarwal Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2010
104 Problems and prospects of library automation in select central university libraries in Delhi: a comparative study. Ms.Geeta Khulbe Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2010
103 Academic libraries in Delhi: An evaluative study of their growth, development and services. Ms.Melody Zenthianneihhoih Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2010
102 Role of e-Learning in modernization of library science in digital era: a study of academic libraries in Delhi. Ms.Vineeta Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2010
101 Marketing of information products and services in selected libraries of Chandigarh region : a study. Ms. Himani Bhatnagar Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2010
100 Use of e-resources in medical libraries of Chandigarh region: a study. Ms.Surbhi Sahni Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2010
99 Internet and its use by the faculty members of the university of Delhi: a study. Ms.Sangita Singh Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2009
98 Citation analysis of selected e-journals in library and information : a comparative study. Ms.Deepti Khatri Dr.(Mrs.)P.K.Walia 2009
97 A study of multimedia resources in selected libraries of Delhi Ms.Gareema Sanaman Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2009
96 A study of web interface in library management software system Ms.Namrata Rai Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2009
95 Marketing of library and information science products and services by the libraries of the universities in Delhi: a study Ms.Dipti Gulati Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2009
94 Role of academic libraries in research and development activities in the electronic environment: a study of university libraries in Delhi Mr.Vinod Kumar Singh Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2009
93 Citation Analysis of Law Journals : a study Ms.Versha Shah Dr.(Mrs.)P.K.Walia 2009
92 Government of India Websites: A Study Ms.Prabhjeet Kaur Dr.(Mrs.)P.K.Walia 2009
91 Content analysis of journal literature in library and information science Ms. Manpreet Kaur Sohal Dr.(Mrs.)P.K.Walia 2009
90 Use of Electronic-journals in agriculture libraries by the agricultural scientists in Delhi:a study Ms.Bebi Dr.K.P.Singh 2009
89 Open sources Movement in India with special reference to digital Library Software Mr. Shibu K.M Prof.S.P. Singh 2009
88 Web access to medical information by users in medical libraries in Delhi: a study Ms.Manlunching

Dr.Shailendra Kumar

87 Electronic journals: a Study of UGC infonet e-joural consortium with special reference to University Libraries in Delhi Ms. Garima Gaur Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2009
86 Skill Development among LIS Professionals for Electronic Environment: A study of selected special Libraries in Delhi Ms. Pinki Prof.S.P. Singh 2009
85 A comparative Study of library services provided by University Libraries in Delhi: Central Reference Library (DULS) Dr. Zakir Hussain Library (JMIU) and Central Library (JNU) Ms. Jagjeet Kaur Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2008
84 Evaluation of select internet search engines: users satisfaction at central science library, University of Delhi. Mr.Anas K Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2008
83 Distance education in library and information science in India Mr.Ashwani Yadav Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2008
82 Metric Study in library and information science research Ms.Vijita Mishra Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2008
81 Digitization of documents in selected special libraries of Delhi: a study. Ms Garima Jain Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2006
80 Growth and development of periodicals in geography published from India, UK, and USA since independence Ms.Sheela Devi Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2006
79 Electronic journals in social sciences with special to journal in public domain: a study Mr. Shalender Singh Chauhan Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2006
78 Management of selected libraries of multinational corporations of NCR: a study Ms. Tajwar Mehmood Dr.(Mrs.)P.K.Walia 2006
77 Information seeking behavior of PG students, research scholars and faculty members in FMS, University of Delhi, Delhi and IMSAR MD University of Rohtak Sushma Rani Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2005
76 Knowledge management in corporate sector: a study of selected IT company libraries in national capital region (NCR) Mr.Kumar Amar Nath Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2005
75 A Comparative study of the role of Thapar institute of engineering and technology (Patiala) library and National engineering and technology (Patiala) library and National institute of technology (Kurukshetra) library in research and development activities Raj Kumar Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2005
74 Organization and management of non-book materials in libraries of the IIT, Delhi,JNU and Jamia Millia Islamia: a comparative study Mr.Ved pal Singh Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2005
73 Library and information science education in Delhi Mr.Pradeep K Choudhary Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2005
72 Marketing of library and information products and services of some selected libraries in Delhi Parida Truptimayee Dr.S.R.Gupta 2004
71 Consultancy Services to Library Management in Higher Education Institutions of Noida, Greater Noida and Delhi Rekha Rani Dr.S R.Gupta 2004
70 Consortium based subscription, of journals in selected libraries of science and technology institution in Delhi with particular reference to INDEST: a case study Mr.Manish Kumar Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2003
69 information needs and information seeking behavior or user in public libraries in Delhi Ms. Laleta Kanaujia Dr.(Mrs.)P.K.Walia 2003
68 Organization of information resources and utilization of information services libraries in Delhi: a study Ms.Chhaya Chadha Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2003
67 Study of online services in library and information centres in Delhi Mr.Aman Kumar Jha Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2002
66 Evaluation of library application software packages used in selected special libraries in Delhi: a study Ms.Gaur Karnika Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2002
65 Total Quality management in college libraries in north campus of University of Delhi Sanjay Kumar Prof.(Mrs.)S.P.Singh 2002
64 Information needs and information seeking behaviour of medicine practitioners in a tribal dominated area in the north-east India Zuchamo Yanthan Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2002
63 Reading habits of Post-Graduate students in distance education system with special reference to school of correspondence courses and continuing education, University of Delhi Usha Rani Prof.C.P.Vashishth 2001
62 Preservation and use of data archives in archival Library of all India Radio, New Delhi: a study Usha Raghuraman Dr.R.K.Bhatt 2001
61 The managerial style of librarians of universities in Delhi: a study Jose. Fr. Joseph Dr.S.R.Gupta 2001
60 Document delivery service:a literature review Meena Prof.C.P.Vashishth 2000
59 Prospect of marketing of library and information services and products:study of select libraries Vinod Kumar Dr.S.R.Gupta 2000
58 Intellectual property rights in India: its status and trends for future development Nirmal Sawan Prof.P. B. Mangla 2000
57 A comparative study of the role of central road research Institute, New Delhi library and Central building research Institute, Roorke Library in Research and development activities Anurag Sharma Prof.P.B.Mangla 2000
56 The UGC-NET for library information science Kavita Anand Dr.S.R.Gupta 2000
55 The paradigm of profession management consultancy to managers of libraries in north-east India: a pragmatic study Doibila Christina Dr. S. R. Gupta 1999
54 A comparative study of service in AIIMS, NIHFW, NII and NML libraries P.K. Tripathi Dr.S.R.Gupta 1999
53 Growth and development of history periodicals published in India Veena Devi Prof.C.P.Vashishth 1999
52 Use of law periodicals in select law libraries in Delhi Tarun Kumar Prof.C.P.Vashishth 1998
51 Study of the problems of reader delinquency in college libraries of University of Delhi Renu Arora Prof.Krishan Kumar 1998
50 A comparative study of manpower (Professionals and Semi-Professionals) in libraries of agricultural universities in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh Satish kumar Dr.S.R.Gupta 1998
49 Collection, organization and use of non-book materials in Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts Library, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library and Sangeet Natak Akademi Library: A comparative study

Nishat Fatima Prof.J.L Sardana 1998
48 A critical study of growth and development of Indian medical periodicals since independence  Manjula Dang Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 1998
47 A comparative study of services in National medical library Suman Arora Prof. C. P. Vashishth 1998
46 Users satisfaction at central library university of Mauritius: a critical study Yugeshwar Chandra Jaypal Dr. S. R. Gupta 1996
45 A study of the Ratan Tata Library (University of Delhi) Yadav Anand Parkesh Prof. P. B. Mangla 1996
44 Staffing pattern in selected social science research libraries in Delhi Pardeep Prof. J .L Sardana 1996
43 A study of central science library (Delhi University Library System) Arun Kumar Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 1996
42 Public library services in Delhi: past present and future Santosh Prof. D.S. Aggarwal 1995
41 Motivation towards continuing education a study of professional staff in DULS Shadab Gul     Prof. D.S. Aggarwal 1994
40 A study of growth and development of libraries of institutions imparting higher education in agriculture sciences in India and Thailand Pairot Chalaragse Dr. S. R. Gupta 1993
39 Attitude towards information technology: a study of library professional in special libraries of Delhi Sanjaya Mishra Prof.C.P.Vashishth 1992
38 Organization and use of UN documents in depository libraries in Delhi:a study Sunita Prof. J .L Sardana 1992
37 A study of library employees' participation in decision-making,their perception of the leadership style of their supervisors and their attitude towards organizational climate in University and selected special Libraries in Delhi Dhami Sawita Prof.P. B. Mangla 1992
36 Use of various software packages in Delhi libraries:a critical examination Manoj Kumar Joshi Prof. M. M. Kashyap 1992
35 Growth and development of college libraries in Delhi: a study  Paramjeet Kaur Walia Prof. J .L Sardana 1991
34 Cataloguing of non-book materials maps, sound recording, motion pictures survey of problems K. K Taneja Prof.P. B. Mangla 1990
33 Growth and development of Indian agricultural literature during 1979-1988 and the contribution of Indian agricultural scientists in foreign agricultural periodicals: A quantitative analysis K. S. Humayoon Prof. M. M. Kashyap 1990
32 Information gathering habits of teachers and research students in biological sciences in the university of Delhi and Aligarh Muslim university: A comparative study S. M. Anwar Husain Prof.P. B. Mangla 1989
31 Growth and development of Indian chemical periodical literature during 1978-1987 and the contribution of Indian chemists to foreign chemical periodicals: A quantitative analysis V. Mallikarjun Prof. Krishan Kumar 1989
30 Colon classification from editions one to seven: a critical study S. Jyothirmayi Prof. Krishan Kumar 1989
29 An evaluative study of the services being provided by law libraries in Delhi S. Mohd Abbas Prof. D.S. Aggarwal 1989
28 Library and information science education in USA-UK and India : A comparative study Baba Abdul Majid Prof.P. B. Mangla 1989
27 Linguistics: a faceted classification and thesaurus A. Syamala Kumari Prof. Krishan Kumar 1988
26 Information seeking behavior of agriculture scientists and proposed agricultural information system for Delhi Gayasuddin Prof.P. B. Mangla 1988
25 A critical study of the budgetary systems of Delhi university library system and Jawaharlal Nehru university sibrary 1983-84 to 1985-86 C. Babu Sarat Prof. C. P. Vashishth 1988
24 A critical study of Services Provided by the university libraries of Aligarh Muslim university, Aligarh and Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Mohammad Yusuf Prof. J .L Sardana 1988
23 Career advancement of library professionals for various positions of libraries in Delhi Dev Raj Singh Prof. Krishan Kumar 1987
22 The obsolescence in S.R.Ranganathan writings: A bibliometric study  V. Mani Prof. J .L Sardana 1987
21 Role of the university library in research: a case study of Delhi university library system and Jawahar Lal Nehru university library system K. R. Bharadwaj Prof. D.S. Aggarwal 1987
20 Use of periodicals in physics in Delhi university science library, IIT Library, NPL Library: A comparative study Golam Ambia Prof. Krishan Kumar 1987
19 Public library system for the union territory of Delhi: A plan Bimla Kohli Prof. D.S. Aggarwal 1986
18  Role of university libraries in supporting research: A case study of the Andhra university library  Soma P Raju Prof. D.S. Aggarwal 1984
17 Administrative organization model for central university libraries in India Tuteja Trilok Chand Prof. D.S. Aggarwal 1984
16  Information gathering habits of medical scientists Ramesh Kumar Prof. Krishan Kumar 1983
15 Attitude of school principals towards librarians and library services Ved Prakash Prof. D.S. Aggarwal 1983
14 Use study of biological science periodicals in Delhi University and JNU Library Narender Kumar Prof.P. B. Mangla 1983
13 Staffing pattern in selected types of Libraries of Delhi: A study Rita Dhar Prof. C. P. Vashishth 1982
12 Compilation of thesaurus on Muslim theology M.S. Usmani Prof. K.N. Gupta 1982
11 Study of information needs of economists and a proposed plan for National information system for economics Asha Sood Prof.P. B. Mangla 1982
10 Global information systems and programmes: A study Veena Saraf Prof.P. B. Mangla 1982
09 Indicators of the use of periodicals: development of a cost effective model of periodical acquisition of libraries Ashok Kumar Prof. M. M. Kashyap 1982
08 Inter-library loan services in selected libraries in Delhi: A comparative study and suggestions for evolving a policy for future Wig Sukanya Prof. D.S. Aggarwal 1982
07 Thesaurus of cell Biology Valavala C Rao Prof. Krishan Kumar 1982
06 Motivation of professionals in special libraries of Delhi towards continuing education: A study S.P. Narang Prof. Krishan Kumar 1982
05 Measurement of attitude of librarians in academic libraries in Delhi towards library profession Kundu Sippra Prof. D.S. Aggarwal 1982
04 Library Education in Thailand Bodhibukkana Dhida Prof. M. M. Kashyap 1982
03 Comparative study of the information gathering habits of physicts in selected institutions of Delhi Vandana Dhakar Prof. Krishan Kumar 1981
02 Design and development of a need-based curriculum for management education of library and information science personnel Baljit K. Arneja Prof. M. M. Kashyap 1981
01 A Study of job Satisfaction of Professional Staff Working in university and college libraries of Delhi V. Pull Reddy Prof. M. M. Kashyap 1980

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