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Welcome to e-resources page of DLIS Library. The following are the useful and selected e- resource links compiled for the use of the DLIS studetns and research scholars.


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ejournalsElectronic Journals in LIS (for Intranet users)

arrowAslib Proceedings (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowBottom Line: Managing Library Finances, The (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowCollection Building (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowThe Electronic Library (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowIFLA Journal (Sage)triggertriggersearchGotop

arrowInformation & Management (Elsevier)triggertriggersearch

arrowInternational Journal of Information Management (Elsevier)triggertriggersearch

arrowInformation Processing & Management (Elsevier)triggertriggersearch

arrowInterlending & Document Supply (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowJournal of Librarianship and Information Science(Sage)triggertriggersearch

arrowJournal of Documentation (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowLibrary Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services (Elsevier)triggertriggersearch

arrowLibrary & Information Science Research (Elsevier)triggertriggersearch

arrowLibrary Hi Tech (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowLibrary Hi Tech News (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowLibrary Management (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowLibrary Review (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowNew Library World (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowOCLC Systems & Services (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowOnline Information Review (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowPerformance Measurement and Metrics (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowProgram (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowReference Reviews (Emerald)triggertriggersearchGotop

arrowReference Services Review (Emerald)triggertriggersearch

arrowSerials Review (Elsevier)triggertriggersearch

arrowThe International Information & Library Review (Elsevier)triggertriggersearch

arrowThe Journal of Academic Librarianship (Elsevier)triggertriggersearch



ezinesDatabases in LIS (for Intranet users)

arrowEmerald e-journals (Library Science)triggertriggersearch

changing Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA)triggertriggersearch

arrowLibrary, Information Science and Technology Abstractstriggertriggersearch

arrowSage Journals Online triggertriggersearch

arrowScience Directtriggertriggersearch

arrowSpringer  Online Journal Archivestriggertriggersearch


pinOpen Access e-resources in LIS

arrowDirectory of Open Access Journals (access 12397 LIS journals) triggertriggersearch

arrowAnnals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS) (NISCAIR) triggertriggersearch

arrowDigital Library of Information Science and Technology: dLIST triggertriggersearch

arrowDESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technologytriggertriggersearch

arrowEPrints in Library and Information Sciencetriggertriggersearch

arrowInformation Research: An international electronic journaltriggertriggersearch

arrowOnline Dictionary for Library and Information Sciencetriggertriggersearch

arrowProject Information Literacytriggertriggersearch

arrowThe Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship triggertriggersearchGotop



bookElectronic Books (Open Access)

arrow Digital Library of Information Science & Technology (DLIST) for free ebooks in LIS.triggertriggerread

arrowSatija, Mohinder P (2008).UDC in India: use and problems.UDC Consortium The Hague. triggertriggerread

arrowNeelameghan.S. (1997) S. R. Ranganathan's Postulates and Normative Principles: Applications in Specialized Databases Design, Indexing and Retrieval. Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (Bangalore, India).triggertriggerread

arrowGopinath, M.A. (1994) Memorablia Ranganathan. Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (Bangalore, India).triggertriggerread

arrowRanganathan, S. R. (1989) Philosophy of Library Classification. Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (Bangalore, India). triggertriggerread

arrowRanganathan, S. R. (1973) New education and school library: Experience of half a century. Vikas Publishing (Delhi, India) triggertriggerread

arrowAtherton, Pauline A. (1973)Putting Knowledge to Work: An American View of Ranganathan's Five Laws of Library Science.Vikas Publishing House (Delhi, India) triggertriggerread

arrowRanganathan, S. R. (1967) Prolegomena to Library Classification. Asia  Publishing House (New York) triggertriggerread

arrowRanganathan, S. R. (1966) Library Book Selection. Asia Publishing House (Bombay) triggertriggerread

arrowRanganathan, S. R. (1961) Reference Service. Asia Publishing House  (Bombay) triggertriggerread

arrowRanganathan, S. R. (1951) Classification and Communication. University of Delhi (Delhi, India) triggertriggerread

arrowRanganathan, S. R. (1951) Documentation Genesis and Development. Vikas  Publishing House (Delhi, India) triggertriggerread

arrowRanganathan, S. R. (1931) The Five Laws of Library Science. Madras  Library Association (Madras, India) and Edward Goldston (London, UK) triggertriggerread

arrowUsing ICT to Develop Literacy ( 2006)triggertriggerreadGotop

arrowHow to create a website: Guiding Principles(2005)triggertriggerread

arrowDigital libraries in education: analytical survey ( 2003)triggertriggerread

arrow Arms, W.Y (2000). Digital Libraries triggertriggerread

arrowResearch Methods Glossarytriggertriggerread

arrowGlossary of Internet Termstriggertriggerread

arrowA Guide to Online LIS Resources triggertriggersearchGotop


tutorialsElectronic Software Manuals

arrowINFLIBNET. SOUL 2.0 triggertriggerread

arrowRajasekharan, K & Nafala, K.M. (2007). WINISIS Catalogue to Greenstone triggertriggerread

arrowRajasekharan,K & Nafala, K.M.(2000). Greenstone Interface Customisation: A Beginner's Guide triggertriggerread

arrowRajasekharan,K & Nafala, K.M. (2000).WINISIS to Greenstone: A Guide triggertriggerread

arrowRajasekharan,K & Nafala, K.M.(2000). Creating Digital Archives with Winisistriggertriggerread

arrowDeepali Talagala (2004). GENISISweb -Web Interface to Winisis database triggertriggerread

arrowUNESCO (2004). CDS/ISIS for Windows (1.5) Reference Manual triggertriggerread

arrowGreenstone Digital Library Softwaretriggertriggerread

arrowUnderstanding MARC (Machine-Redabale Catalogue)triggertriggerreadGotop


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