JLIS abstracts

DUBEY (Yogendra P)

DUBEY (Yogendra P). Artificial Intelligence Techniques: Prospects for their Application to Information Retrieval System Design. 11,1;1986;1-14

The information retrieval system design decisions are guided by the normative (prescriptive) view point. It has neglected descriptive model, focusing on how users should search/use the systems, rather than focusing on how they actually search/use the systems. This focus on normative view is responsible for the neglect of cognitive factors in design paradigm of Information Retrieval (IR) systems resulting into their ineffective performance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, in particular expert system methodologies offer powerful tool for the refinement of IR systems in accordance with the descriptive view. The main task however, would tailor some of the methodologies in ways that could be applied to refine the IR System to make them extreme user oriented.