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  topBachelor of Library and Information Science (B.L.I.Sc.)

arrowObjectives of the Course :

(a) to educate the students in the philosophy of librarianship, basic principles, fundamental laws, professional ethics; (b) to train the students in the skills of information knowledge processing, organization and retrieval; (c) to train the students in the management of Library and Information Centres; (d) to enable the students to understand and appreciate the functions and purpose of Library and Information Centres in the changing social, cultural, technological and economic environment;
(e) to provide the basic knowledge of computer and its application in library and information activities; and (f) to give the students an understanding of the basics of Information Science.

topDuration : One Year (full time) Course of Two Semesters

arrowIntake : 66 seats (including candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBC and EWS categories). However, intake of the foreign student (Maximum 5) will be in addition to the prescribed intake of 62 seats.

arrowDeputed Candidates:

A maximum of 2 seats will be set apart for deputed candidates out of whom one will be for candidate deputed by Delhi University Library System and another for candidate deputed by the College/Institution maintained by or affiliated to the University of Delhi. Candidates to be considered under this category must fulfil the minimum admission requirements. In addition they should be: (i) working as Semi-Professional Assistants/Senior Library Assistants for at least 3 years, and (ii) granted study leave with full emoluments, or deputation allowances for the duration of the course of the study. The criteria for selection in this category will also be in order of merit as laid down for other candidates. . 

arrowSeats for Foreign Students and Procedure for their Admission :

Applications of foreign students will be considered by the Admission Committee on individual merit and maximum of 5 seats will be offered to the foreign students. These seats will be in addition to the prescribed intake of 66 seats. Foreign students seeking admission to B.L.I.Sc., Course in the Department of Library and Information Science are required to apply directly to the Foreign Students' Advisor, Foreign Students' Registry, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007 who will arrange for their admission in the Department. Foreign Students who are stationed in India and have passed last examination from Board/University in India may seek admission on the basis of merit along with other students after obtaining   No Objection Certificate from the Foreign Students’ Advisor.

topAdmission Eligibility: Graduation with 50% Marks under (10+2+3) pattern or 55% marks under the (11+3) or (10+2+2) pattern from the University of Delhi or from any other recognised University and strictly according to the merit categories (in order of priority) given below:

Category - I — Master’s Degree II Division and above from the University of Delhi.

Category - II — Master’s Degree II Division with 50% and above from other Universities.

Category - III — Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.)(10+2+3) with 50% and above or Bachelor’s Degree ( Hons.) (11+3) with 55% and above from University of Delhi.

Category - IV — Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) (10+2+3) with 50% and above or Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) (10+2+2) or (11+3) with 55% and above from other Universities.

Category - V — Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3) with 50% and above or Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+2) or (11+3) with 55% and above from the University of Delhi.

Category - VI — Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3) with 50% and above or Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+2) or (11+3) with 55% and above from other Universities.

For the purpose of classification of I, II and III Division, the following will be the criteria:

First Division       : 60 per cent and above Gotop
Second Division   : 50 per cent and above
Third Division      : 40 per cent and above

They must fulfill other conditions of knowledge of languages, age, etc. as may be laid down by the Library Science  Courses Admission Committee from time to time.

arrowAge Requirements: Candidates seeking admission to this course must be at least 20 years of age before the first day of July in the year in which admission is sought. The maximum age limit for admission will be 30 years as on first day of July. However, in case of persons working in libraries as Semi-Professional Assistants or Senior Library Assistants for a minimum period of three years, the maximum age limit will be 35 years on the first day of July, in which the admission is sought

arrowProcedure for Admission: Candidate seeking admission to BLISc Course will have to apply online using PG Admission Portal of the University of Delhi and refer Bulletin of Information for Admission to Postgraduate Courses

top B.L.I.Sc. Subjects: First Semester

B -101 : Library, Information and Society
B- 102 : Library Classification (Theory) 
B- 103 : Library Classification (Practical) 
B- 104 : Basics of Information Technology in LIS (Theory) 
B- 105 : Basics of Information Technology in LIS (Practical)
B- 106 : Project Work in LIS : (a) Literature Survey, and (b) Field Survey

top B.L.I.Sc. Subjects: Second Semester

B- 107 : Management of Library and Information Centres
B- 108 : Information Sources and Services 
B- 109 : Library Cataloguing (Theory) 
B- 110 : Library Cataloguing (Practical)
B- 111 : Internship Programme: (a) Report on Internship Programme, and (b) Viva-Voce (Based on Internship Programme).
Note: Each student shall have to undergo an Internship Programme at a library, selected by the Department for a period of one month, immediately after the Second Semester Examination.

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