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SHAILENDRA KUMAR & JHA (Aman Kumar). Classification Formats in Dewey System of Classification with special emphasis to Dewey for Windows. 27,1;2002;1-10

Describes 'classification' work as mandatory for organizing the knowledge containers according to hierarchy of subjects for easy retrieval or access to the documents. Acknowledges the DDC as the most widely used library classification system in the world. Informs that the 21st Edition of DDC (published in 1996) runs into 4 volumes, has two Schedules, one Table and a Relative Index volume, and is updated via CD-ROM through Web Dewey, supplied through OCLC. Describes certain salient features in DFW Version 2.10 of DDC 21st Edition, using a variety of Windows. Discusses the common features of DDC, DFW and Web Dewey formats. Concludes that E-Dewey is high priced product to be afforded only by large libraries.