JLIS abstracts



SINGH (JP), JHA (Ajeet K) & MOHINDER SINGH. Citation Analysis of Literature in the Field of Aerospace Science and Technology. 26,1;2001;1-17

Presents a quantitative study of various aspects of literature published in the field of aerospace science and technology. A total 6752 number of citations published in all 12 issues of AIAA Journals of the year 2000 were analysed. Text format-wise distribution of citation indicates that researchers mainly depend upon journal articles, books/monographs and technical reports for their scholarly communication, Ranked list of 415 titles of journals shows that the journals published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics are the backbone of any aerospace library/information centre. These occupy very prominent places in the ranked list of citations. Only six titles contain more than 50% of the total citations. The growth rate of aerospace literature is calculated by arranging data in chronological order. Half-life of literature published in this field is 7 years i.e. literature is doubling after every 7 years. Over 80% citations cited by authors are published after 1980.The findings of the study may be regarded as the basis for decision making in acquisition and maintenance of collections, specially, journals in any aerospace library/information centre.

SINGH (JP). LISARS: An Information Storage and Retrieval System for Laser Technology. 21,1;1996;6-34

Discusses the problems in storage and retrieval of bibliographic information pertaining to laser science and technology. To overcome these problems, a computerized bibliographic information and retrieval system called LISARS (Laser Information Storage and Retrieval System) was developed. Various components of LISARS, i.e. design and development of a controlled vocabulary, experimental database, indexing and retrieval model, have been discussed in detail with examples. The performance of LISARS was evaluated by searching queries using different search techniques. The result of queries were analyzed based on the feedback received from the end users. Concludes that faceted indexing model is quite suitable for an Information Retrieval System (IRS) where entity- property relationship has significant importance. 

SINGH (JP). Intellectual Property: Capitalisation and Investment. 23,1;1998;46-57 Discusses the importance of intellectual property created by an institution/industry or individual and its proper protection. Emphasises capitalisation of intellectual property and its investment. Draws the attention of those involved in creation of intellectual property for quick investment and return. Advocates that owner of intellectual property must be rewarded and compensated. Narrates the historical development of IPR Laws and emphasises that the periodic revision of IPR Laws is the necessity of present time for any country. Reflects opinion of one hundred major US companies for their willingness to transfer new and most-effective technologies to those countries having weak IPR Laws. Explains that how digital technology can be used to accelerate flow of information on IP for dissemination to a large number of people.