JLIS abstracts



JAYARAJAN (P). Suggestion for a Relocation in the Schedule of "General Management" of Dewey Decimal Classification. 3,2;1978; 131-38

The schedule of "658 General Management" of the 18th edition of Dewey Decimal Classification, is a slightly modified one, from the 17th edition. There are few additions to the schedule, and there are few relocations. In this paper, another major relocation is suggested. The result of the suggested relocation will be a more helpful sequence at the "Shifted-From" place as well as at the "Shifted-To" place.

JAYARAJAN (P). Information Profession: The New Expectations. 22,1-2;1997;1-4 Mentions the concept of librarianship, information management and knowledge management. Explains how information communication technology (ICT) and increasing awareness among the users is changing the role of library profession. Describes how ICT can be useful for shaping our future. Discusses what should be the ultimate objective of the library/information profession. Mentions about the variety of information sources available in different formats. Emphasizes the need to develop and acquire necessary information handling, management and technology skills to cope up with the demands of emerging knowledge society.