JLIS abstracts



SEWA SINGH & JASMER SINGH College Library Personnel in India: A Survey. 14,2;1989;145-56

Reveals the results of a survey relating to the existing strength of different categories of library personnel in college libraries of Punjab and Chandigarh. Discusses the implications of the Cadre Review Committee of the Punjab Government. Mentions the recommendations of UGC committee on university and college libraries and the UGC workshop held at Khandala. Suggests the adoption of the recommendations of the UGC standing committee on university and college libraries.

SEWA SINGH. Library and Information Manpower problems and Prospects: A Literature Survey. 16,2;1991;169-80

Analyses in the library and information science literature the L & IS manpower. The Survey includes journals, bibliographic databases, monographs, dissertations and theses and seminar/conference papers. Concludes that proliferation of literature on the subject is about a decade old, and brings out the role of professional associations and other organizations in this regard.

RANI (V. Usha) & SEWA (Singh). User Education for Computerized Information Retrieval. 19,1;1994;59-69

Discusses the capabilities of computers and defines some selected terms used in computerized information retrieval system. Explains the concept of user education and traces development of this concept at national and international levels.