JLIS abstracts




JANAK RAJ & SACHDEVA (BR). Computerized Information Services. 4,2; 1979;190-206

Mentions importance of computers. Describes leading information services provided from computerized data-bases in science and technology. Discusses the development of National Information System in Science and Technology (NISSAT). Suggests that INSDOC and ICSSR should provide computer-based information services to scientists, engineers and social scientists engaged in research.

JANAK RAJ & SACHDEVA (BR). Majox 121 Librarian Model: An Indian Electrostatic Copier. 3,2; 1978; 180-96

Considers reprography in India in the historical perspective. Mentions indigenous copiers available in India . Describes the operating processes with cautions for major 121 librarian model manufactured by M/s Macneill and Magor. Lists the advantages, common faults along with causes and remedies. Describes how to take care of plates .

JANAK RAJ. Stock Verification in Regional Engineering College Library, Kurukshetra: A Case Study. 7,2;1982; 159-66

Collects the data for stock verification of the Library from the annual stock verification reports for the years 1967-68 to 1977-78. Tests three hypotheses, namely, (i) loss increases with the increase in stock (ii) loss increases with the increase in use; (iii) rate of loss is higher in textbooks than non-textbooks. No significant correlation is discovered between stock and loss. The other two hypotheses are confirmed