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ISAAC (K A). Need for New Directions in Library Education. 1,1; 1976; 21-32

The present and future functions of the library, which have implications in library education, are discussed and the objectives of library education are derived from them. The need for librarians to be trained in the conventional library techniques as well as in the modern technological skill that are necessary for organising documentation services is stressed. The basic elements of a curriculum, which should provide for necessary specialization without affecting the students' needed grasp of the essential unity of librarianship, are indicated. The need for increasing the duration of education for the first professional degree especially in the Indian context where most of the students join the course without adequate library background is pointed out. The desirable qualities and qualifications of the teachers and students of Library Science and the methods of recruiting students are discussed. The importance of a man-power survey to form the basis for formulating a sound educational policy for librarians is emphasized.