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HAVASI (Zoltan)


HAVASI (Zoltan). Current and Future Goals of Development in the Hungarian National Library. 3,1;1978; 63-73

Current and future goals of the development of the Hungarian national library are determined by the historical development of the Hungarian library system, by the requirements of scientific research, by the current cultural level of the country and by the prospects of international cooperation in information exchange and library work. Part 1 deals with the historical development of Hungarian libraries and librarianship and the foundation of the national library. Part 2 gives a summary of the goals set up by the Library Decree of 1976. Part 3 is a brief theoretical recording of national library functions. Part 4 discusses the programme of development: (/a/) the extension of the functional pattern of the Hungarian library System; (/b/) the modernization of library operations, the automation of the national bibliography, the participation in international cooperation; (/c/) the concept of a comprehensive research program; (/d/) development tasks ahead and the principles of methodology of planning and development.