JLIS abstracts

HASSO (Maysoon H) & OPPENHEIM (Charles)


HASSO (Maysoon H). Bibliometric Study of Two Secondary Services in Civil Engineering with Special Emphasis on Bradfordzipf Application and Validity. 9,1; 1984; 85-90

A bibliometric study of the two major secondary services dealing with civil engineering was carried out. Data shows that English language is the main language representing 76.6% of the literature; the USA publishes 38.3% of the literature in civil engineering. Reports a partial conformity to Bradford-Zipf. Discusses the validity of the law concerning coverage. Suggests a procedure in studying the coverage.

HASSO (Maysoon H) & OPPENHEIM (Charles). Secondary Services in Archaeology: An Evaluation. 12,1;1987;1-18

Describes a study that has been carried out on secondary services in archaeology. The types of material they cover is evaluated, and comments are made on the core journals of archaeology. It was found by means of citation analysis that archaeologists cite journal material less than non-journal material, and the implications of this for secondary services are discussed. Bradford-Zipf studies on the journal coverage of the secondary services indicate that many of them are deficient in their coverage of the literature, and time-lag studies show a rather high average time-lag between publication of an article and its appearance in the secondary service. Comments are also made on indexes provided and the source of the abstract (author's, author amended, borrowed or in-house). Some recommendations on how the coverage of archaeological literature by secondary services can be improved are made.