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GUPTA (VK). IPR Information for R&D Scientists. 26,2;2001;114-28

Intellectual property rights have assumed significant importance since the signing of the Agreement of Trade related aspects of intellectual property (TRIPS) under World Trade Organization. Many countries have initiated measures to strengthen and restructure intellectual property regime as a result of commitments made under TRIPS. R&D scientists generate intellectual property within the R&D system. Specialized information services are called for creating awareness about intellectual property rights, particularly patent information. Scientists in R&D organisation seek information on patents and other related aspects of IPR in their R&D context. The paper reviews the initiative taken in India in creating IPR awareness and making them as an essential part of the expertise of scientists in day- to-day conduct of R&D in national R&D laboratories, universities and industry. it presents an instrument based on multiple-choice questions to measure the level of IPR awareness among scientists. The new directions that need to be focused in seeking information and creating IPR awareness have been delineated highlighting importance of the role for library and information scientists in facilitating access to IPR information.