JLIS abstracts

CHOWDHURY (Mohammad Fazlul Quader) & HANIF UDDIN (Mohammad)


CHOWDHURY (Mohammad Fazlul Quader) & HANIF UDDIN (Mohammad). Resource Sharing and Networking among the Agricultural Libraries and Information Centres in Bangladesh and India. 25,2;2000;138-50

Agricultural information is vital for the development of a country, Resource sharing/networking would help smooth library management and enrich resources and provide better services to the library users. Economy of our country mainly depends on agriculture and agricultural production depends on research. For research needs relevant information is needed timely. But we have limited resources. So, we can utilize its optimum use by adopting resource sharing and networking system. Cost of Library materials like books and journals are increasing gradually but with limited budget libraries can't keep pace with this price hike. Information is generated enormously. To keep pace with all these, we need resource sharing and networking among the related group of libraries for efficient library services, save foreign currency and enhance inter-library cooperation system to develop a prosperous nation.

HANIF UDDIN (Mohammad) . Agricultural Libraries in Mymensingh District ( Bangladesh ): A Survey. 25,2;2000;151-63

A survey of the agricultural libraries in Mymen singh district ( Bangladesh ) was undertaken to know the present position of three agricultural libraries. These are (i) Bangladesh Agricultural University Library, (ii) Bangaldesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture Library, and (iii) Fisheries Research Institute Library. An attempt is made to evaluate the services offered by these three libraries. It was found that substantial improvement in library administration, organization, and personnel was required for offering better services to library users. In this regard the researcher has drawn some suggestions for further development of the agricultural libraries in Mymen singh.