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CHAND ( Banka Bihari)

CHAND ( Banka Bihari). Knowledge Management: Tools and Techniques for Librarians. 26,2;2001;175-86

Knowledge management is the buzzword in the management environment today just because of its advantages in shaping the organizational strategy and helping the firms in gaining competitive advantage. Knowledge is mainly of three types, explicit, tacit and cultural. Explicit knowledge is easy to communicate and record able where as tacit knowledge often resides in human mind and it is too difficult to communicate and represent in hard form. The knowledge management process consists of four steps, i.e., knowledge collection, knowledge organization, knowledge preservation and knowledge dissemination. Also discussed here are the tools for effective management like groupware, internet/intranets, agent technology, data mining and data warehousing etc. As of now, the IT/MIS people are playing the role of the knowledge manager. It is the real challenge in front of the corporate librarians to get themselves acquainted with the changing business as well as information environment so that they can truly play the role of the knowledge manager