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RANGARAJAN (KS) & BHATNAGAR (Poonam). Analysis of Media Choice for Publication of Research Papers in Mossbauer Effect Studies. 6,1; 1981;70-78

Analyses bibliometric data compiled from Physics Abstracts on research papers published in the field of Mossbauer Effect studies over a period of two decades from its discovery, regarding media choice. Points out that there is a world-wide trend to publish in journals outside the country of origin of the research work. Deduces the reasons behind the choice of journals by scientists. Stresses that publication of scientific periodicals by commercial publishers will be successful in India.

RANGARAJAN (KS) & GUPTA (BM). Analysis of the Choice of Journals for Publication by Indian Physicists. 4,2;1979; 144-63

Analyses the data regarding media of publication by Indian physicists on the basis of Physics Abstracts, 1973, giving distribution of research output according to the institutions, field of specialization and geographical distribution in foreign journals. Provided distribution of physics research outputs in Indian journals. Stresses need for collaboration between editors of physics journals in India.

RANGARAJAN (KS) VERMA (RK) & TILWANI (TD). Indian Physics Journals-Analysis of their Impact on Service to Physics Research Workers. 7,1; 1982; 1-14

Shows through analysis that 5 journals account for the major portion of the papers published and the vast majority of other journals individually account for a negligible portion of papers published. Points out the failure of Physics Abstracts to include abstracts of papers presented at the annual proceedings of the Solid State & Nuclear Physics Symposium. Mentions the existence of a bias towards certain fields of research as

GUPTA (BM). Citation Analysis of Solar Energy Research in USSR . 2,2;1977; 202-19

Attempts to study the various parameters of citation analysis having implications on both a library and information policy and growth and development of subjects, on the basis of analysis of citation of Soviet articles in the area of solar energy appearing in the journal "Geliotekhnika" during the period 1965-75. The main parameters studied are: Rank list of journals titles, Trends of research; Scattering of information; Types of publications cited; Area wise distribution of Citations; Self-citation and average number of Citation per articles and obsolescence of literature. With regard to the first two parameters, a comparison is also made between the research efforts in USSR and other English speaking countries.

GUPTA (BM) & KARISIDDAPP A (CR). Impact of Collaboration and Funding on the Productivity of Scientists. 22,1-2;1997;55-72

Analyses the growth of funded and collaborative publications and authors, as reflected in selected theoretical population genetics literature from 1956-60 to 1976-80. Indicates that the number of funded and collaborated publications has not proportionately increased along with growth of total research publications with time, but however, there is a strong correlation between the two. Indicates the extent of multi-authored research publications in different countries, and studies the growth of multi-authored research publications in different countries, and studies the growth of multi-authored publications, and the impact of funding and collaboration on the productivity of authors. Concludes that the authors who are more productive are generally found to be more collaborative and funded. The average productivity per author is observed to be larger in funded and collaborated author subset, and smaller in the non-funded and non-collaborated authors subset than the average productivity per author in the total authors subset in all the five block years studied. Concludes that there is a systematic increase with time in the average productivity per author in the funded and collaborated author subset.

GUPTA (BM) & SURESH KUMAR. Productivity of Corporate Firms and Individual Inventors in Biotechnology. 23,2;1998;150-69

Indicates the importance of patents for industrial firms. Describes the various measure of research performance for research organisations, industrial firms and individuals researches/inventors. Studies the productivity of industrial firms and individual inventors as reflected in their patent contribution in the field of biotechnology research from 1982 to 1993. Explores the applicability of Lotka's Law and four other statistical distribution in the productivity of industrial firms and individuals inventors, Concludes that neither Lotka's law nor four other statistical distributions are applicable in the productivity of industrial firms. However, Lotka's law is observed to be applicable in case of productivity of individual inventors.

JEEVAN (VKJ) & GUPTA (BM). R & D Performance of Different Department of IIT, Kharagpur: A Scientometric Study Based on Publication. 26,2;2001;129-43

Research publications over a three-year period from 1994-95 to 1996-97 are analyzed to assess the trends in publication patterns in journals by researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. The data collected is summarized in nine tables to : highlight department and year-wise output, publication in national or international journals, number of papers in IF Journals as well as SCI-covered papers, normalized impact factor per paper, categorize papers in the different normalized impact factors ranges, the proportion of high quality papers (PHQ), papers in each department above the average normalized impact factor, total normalized IF per Paper and Publication Effectiveness Index (PEI), collaborations for SCI-covered with other departments of the Institute/Institutions in (outside) the country, average normalized impact of collaborative, internationally collaborative and non-collaborative papers in SCI-covered. The objective of this paper is to suggest a methodology for studying the quantitative profile of a University level national autonomous educational Institute of India, with a view to get idea about the performance and impact of research produced in each department, and the comparison of the impact of research in various departments. The basic trends based on detailed analysis from different departments are presented as a prelude to future study based on citations and data related to other modes of research dissemination or research estimation.

KUMBHAR (MR) & KARISIDDAPPA (CR). Perspectives of Research in Library and Information Science in Karnataka University. 8,2; 1983;136-45

Reviews research studies leading to award of Ph.D degree, carried out at the Dept of Library and Information Science, Karnataka University, Dharwad, during the last ten years. These studies cover fields of classification, subject indexing, planning of library systems, industrial information systems and services, information services for technology, technology transfer and bibliometric analysis.