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BELL (Barbara)


BELL (Barbara). Progress, Problems and Prospects in Current National Bibliographies: Implementation of the ICNB Recommendations. 12,2,1987;104-27

A current national bibliography reflects the culture, character and current interests of a country by recording its publishing output. If a current national bibliography is to record effectively a nation's publications it is important to convey its nomination in a clear, timely fashion. In 1977, the International Congress on National Bibliographies (ICNB), held in Paris, established recommendations for national bibliographies. In this paper, developments in the current national bibliography field since the Paris Conference are discussed especially as they relate to the ICBN recommendations, which cover legal deposit law, selection of material, presentation and frequency, contents, resource sharing, and information systems. Changes within three categories are discussed-in establishing current national bibliographies, new current national bibliographies, and current regional bibliographies. Improvements stemming from the implementation of the ICNB recommendations, as well as problem areas are mentioned. The appendix includes the ICNB recommendations.