JLIS abstracts




SUMAN (Yogesh) & BANWARI LAL. Information Infrastructure: A Global Perspective. 22,1-2;1997;133-141

Describes the Information Infrastructure and its components. An effort is made to discuss the role, scope and structure of information policies in a global society. Defines the Global Information Infrastructure (GII) and how national libraries will play vital role in evolving the GII. Explains briefly National Information Infrastructure Policy and problems of diffusion of Information Infrastructure in India . Highlights some of the points about anticipated role and technological development of the 21st Century i.e. Global Co-operation, Internet, Information Superhighway, Intellectual Property Right, Satellite Communication, Multiple Networks and Copyright etc.

SUMAN (Yogesh) & BANWARI LAL. Network and Internetwork Security: An Overview. 25,1;2000;47-58

Deals with the security aspect in computer network environment. Describes basic building blocks of internet work security. Suggests the measures for supervising the network. Discusses about the fencing of network and working of fire walls. After describing WORMS and BUGS in some standard softwares, in brief, discusses recent developments in the area of concern.